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  • bobva1 Oct 11, 2013 6:30 PM Flag

    Remember the shock on Election night 2012 on FOX news?

    Well, get ready for another shock night as the GOP house comes to the reality of " you CAN'T DEFUND the affordable care act! ". However long FOX news will try to delude it's viewers, the truth will hit home in the days ahead. The majority of American voters want affordable health insurance and so do much of the business community. Yet, right leaders with their narrow exposure to honest news have been deluded to the hostage of a few mouthpieces of misleading information and opinion.

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    • bobva1 Oct 16, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

      well, here we are on Wed the 16th, and after all the delusions of FOX Congress now going to defund the Affordable Care Act ( Obama Care) ....YES or NO?

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      • Obamacare will be defunded on it's own. there's no money to pay for it. This bill takes us to February 7th, but legislatively, nothing will happen till then anyway.

        The degress of stupidity necessary to believe in Obamacare is second only to the degree of stupidity it takes to say it's fiscally irres[ponsible to live within your ,means.

      • So, bob, are you signed up yet? What about your family? My family pays about $50,000 out of pocket per year for health care premiums, medicine, and deductibles due to pre-existing conditions. I hope Obamacare can help us. My older son loses his health care Jan. 1 and is told by letter from the carrier to go get Obamacare. I just hope he can get through on the website in time.

    • Ot's the responsibility of the House to defund the "affordable care" act. It's their job to appropriate money.

      "Honest news". There isn't ANYBODY anywhere on the planet that understands the budget process, NOBODY in either party, that believes we can even afford Medicare, Medicade and Social Security much less the affordable care act.

      The tea party is the last stand against what, as Jim Grant, Kyle bass, Jim Rogers, George Soros, David Stockton and 100 others say will be the default of the federal government. The affordable care act was qwritten by lobby's, and has been one long tale of insane lies since it was passed. It was lie, after lie, after lie.

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