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  • hiramfoster hiramfoster Oct 25, 2013 7:02 AM Flag

    Liberal bias

    One reason conservatives see so much liberal bias is that so much news coverage contradicts the conservative point of view. For example, since conservative economics predicts high interest rates and inflation in the current environment, news coverage which tells us those conditions aren't present, in the conservative view, reflects a liberal bias. This goes to a larger conservative form of thinking to the effect that conservationism never fails because any policy that fails isn't conservative. In electoral terms, this translates into the commonly held view among conservatives that any conservative candidate who loses, loses because he is not conservative enough.

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    • The liberal conservative thing is a media issue. I know a lot of red necks who voted for Obama.

      The nedia is very anti Fox because Fox is, frankly, a better run company than either NBC, CBS or ABC. The left loves to rail against Fox News, but as a network, Fox has three areas where it kicked everybody's butt. Sports, where Fox created televised Nascar when everybody else was televising tennis. Innovative programming, when everybody else was producing same stuff difefrent day. An d talk, which the media calls "news". Fox has about 10X more viewers in talk.

      The left LOVES to fashion themselves as smart, but the fact is, they're not. They've monopolized movie making, yet in America, moviees are dieing. It's next to impossible to make money with a theater. American movies are frankly, some of the worse produced anywhere in the world. The British are only being held out by monopolies. Hollywood can't produce anything that compares to Doughton Abbey, Inspector Lewis, Inspector More or Foyles war.

    • diego_gato Oct 25, 2013 7:59 AM Flag

      I thought your topic was liberal bias? A more apt title would be: Hiram's delusion on delusional conservatives.

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      • Yes, we know the socialist media is unbiased.

        Like the Washingto Post. While the Tax evader Warren Buffet sat on the board the Washington Post never exposed a single case of "liberal" corruption in DC. That would harm Warren and his insurance tax scam. No a single story, Never. Not when the pervert Ted Kennedy was exposing himself to young women, not when clan was running prostitutes or molesting underage baby sitters. The list goes on.

        As far as the Sulzbergers at the NY Times. That excrement was singing praises to the virtues of the Soviet collective farms while the genocide of 20 million "kulaks" was going on. And what was the profit margin at that paper while they exploited New York paper boys? 73 %.

        But my best is the Israeli turd Haim Saban. The Obamanite open border supporter and owner of Univision (the more illegals the democrats let in, the bigger his profit) And he does do a good job of keeping the latinos voting democrat and enrolling on the welfare rolls. That POS paid 25 million in fines for not putting on any sort of educational programming for children as required by law for TEN years. That is the puny fine, for ten years of not complying with Federal Regulations on educating "the children". And he got to keep his free broadcast licenses. Yes boys an girls, like a good filthy liberal, he would rather keep the inferior half indian mexicans stupid that comply with the law because it was more PROFITABLE

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