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  • jwg1234556789 jwg1234556789 Apr 7, 2006 6:08 PM Flag

    profit while you can

    Let's see...a 33% return in two months. Yup, I must be crazy.

    You couldn't find your behind with both hands. If you don't see the growth reality/potential in this one, then don't buy the stock. Someone that stupid doesn't deserve the money to be made.

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    • That's exactly my point moron. You are up 33% on a bloated stock and you are holding it? For what? To see it adjust down to normal levels (~$35-$45/share).

      You must be a 30-something with a selective memory of the dot-com bust.

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      • For starters, you have no idea of whether or not I'm a moron. It makes you look like a moron, frankly.

        Second, I expect this stock to grow at 10-12% per year going forward. Management is taking a responsible and intelligent approach to adding new stores. They aren't burying the company in debt and they are apparently looking to grow with franchised units. Company-owned units are more profitable and better controlled for quality purposes. I applaud the move.

        Last, I am a thirty-something. I do remember the dot-com bust. This, however, has nothing to do with that.

        CMG is a classic buy-and-hold. Product, Market, Management, Financial Condition, Competition----everything I look at says that CMG is a winner for the long haul. This isn't a stock to sell, it's a stock to buy---even at the current price. Who wouldn't have loved to have gotten in on Microsoft back in 1985 after their initial 30% rise?

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