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  • midgetsbeer midgetsbeer Apr 13, 2006 6:28 PM Flag

    CMG for dinner and breakfast

    Chipotle already has a booming dinner business in most of its stores. The difference is its dinner market is mostly moms or dads picking up dinner to the family and not dining there. That is probably why you may not see to many people eating at the actual restaurant.

    As for breakfast that would be a great idea but extremely hard to implement. Cooking things like eggs and other breakfast food would cause CMG to spend a lot of cash on each location on the machines to cook these items. Mexican food for breakfast is something few americans know about but is very delicous. Juevos rancheros and breakfast burritos are just a couple of the itemss. People also assume all mexican food has to be spicy when the truth is most authentic mexican breakfast food isn't.

    One idea I do think they should implement which is feasble right now is a children's menu. All of their items are huge and $5 and up. I kid's menu would not only let children eat there but also accomdate people with smaller appetites.

    The beauty in Chipotle is its simplicity. When you start adding tons of other items like breakfast and new dinner ones you start losing some of the flair that has made it great. The higher-ups know this probably better then we do though. All IMO though.

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