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  • nelsonsancho nelsonsancho Oct 8, 2007 11:14 AM Flag

    Stores were empty this weekend!

    i'm good friends with one of the regional managers of chipotle and she said there is too much demand.

    i asked her if there were locations not doing as well and she said yes but the rent is soooo cheap that they can go 12-15 days without selling one burrito and they would still be on top.

    this store is a cash cow and its only getting bigger.

    i get nervous too because of have alot of money invested but there is NO WAY i would ever go short. Yes i believe it will go down but long run the ingredients are all there.

    For the guy who spoke with manager of the store, i asked the regional manager and she said managers are not told what the price of rent, food and machines cost.

    They know the numbers that come in on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and the cost of cups,napkins and all that bs and the payroll.

    So you have to stop getting information from someone who doesn't really know.

    They know

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    • This stock is not a good stock to short. Look at today's low
      and then the CLOSE AT THE HIGH!

    • I was in the Kansas City area last week and the Chipotle I visited had a line until 7:30PM that night.
      At 7:30PM my receipt said 850 meals had been served that day.
      My meal costs $10. I saw a family there order 3 meals, not counting the McDonald's they brought in for one of their kids.
      The store manager didn't seem to mind.
      Lots of couples ordered meals.
      I would guess the average ticket was around $10.
      Do the math. Chiptole is a gold mine.

      One more thing. Employee moral seemed very high and the place was very clean.
      I could have been in any city in the USA.
      Their product is very uniform.

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