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  • dcisinsane dcisinsane Jan 11, 2012 2:47 PM Flag

    MY "COG" paid off huge today , CMG is next

    COG was full of BS too ... popping to new highs on BS news .

    We shorted roughly 18,000 shares and sold puts against her the past three months .

    The sucker dumped huge this year ... off another 9 percent today ..... been taking profits .

    Just keeping 3,000 shares in case she plummets further . This crazy hyped stock was in the high 80's several times the past 10 weeks ... only 71 today .... sweet fall .

    CMG will inevitably collapse . You can bet the insiders will still keep selling as reported and that they're laughing themselves silly that the thugs took her so high on BAD news in a recession . Too funny .

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    • nice job dc!!

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      • That POS scam popped up as a stock to watch when she SOARED on bad news about 3 months ago . She just went higher and higher for no good reason .

        The insiders were running away and selling millions worth too .

        I shorted the heck out of her and I think 86 was the top I sold at .

        She paid off once when the collapse started then to my surprise she popped again to a new high so we piled on again and DUMPED DUMPED DUMPED .

        CMG will do the same soon .

        Started a short today w/ TOL as well . PE of 95 and Im not convinced the home builders are out of the woods yet . I sold puts against the short so at least the income stream will be nice till we see whats what .

        This taco scam remains my fav short .

    • WOW ... still against success and refusing to learn .

      Did your parents hate you or has life just been that awful kid ???

      Avoid the Atlantis until you cheer up . Thank God its too expensive for the OWS crowd .

      Let them keep living w/ rats in parks instead of getting jobs.

      Atlantis is for hard workers and successful traders.

    • GOOG "yellow Chevy Citation" and you will see an image of your possible living quarters when you have to downsize from your parents basement.

      When you get it, if it has a single footprint on the passenger dash, and smells of beer and all sorts of bodily fluids then that was our spring break mobile.

      Enjoy it, we had a blast in that baby.

    • WHy do you kids think a move from 347 to 375 would be so deadly ?

      WOuld a move from 35 to 37 hurt a real investor ???

      Is it the WEEEELY BIGGGGG NUMBERRRRRS that scare you ????


      A stock this high would need to pop 15 % or another 50 or 60 bucks to raise eyebrows of the huge short players . Just dont see that happening . If hat happened Im sure the hedge funds would circle this scam and expose it for what it really is.

      I do see 255 ... 225 .... 205 .... and 175 in 2012.

      Gotta run to the CLubhouse . Gym this time . Gotta get in shape for poolside craps at The Cove soon ....

      Super Bowl is right around the corner kids . A fantastic 5 day weekend .

      COme play and stop the hating .


      Goog "Citation" jets piboy and see what you can look forward to if you work hard and complain less .

    • much more likely you'll cover at 375 than at 255

    • So you've tripled your initial investment ( and then some ) and you choose to hold .

      Interesting .

      Ive seen people like you all my life ... they fall in love w/ a stock and LOVE feeling like a winner when they finally make a good investment .

      They rise her up ... gloat ... then ride her down while saying " I still have a profit based on cost basis " . Always funny to us real investors who live off our portfolios . Always sad too to see the rest of you who will never ever learn .

      I closed out most of my "COG" today since shes fallen so much so fast . I only kept 3,000 short for another drop if she keeps falling fast and doesnt get a bounc.

      Ill cover 1/2 of CMG at 255 . I'll cover more at 210 and most likely close it all out about 160 .

      By then we should have several more high flying scams to short and win with .

    • If I would have sold, every time a shortie with a grudge posted about the P/E, insider sales, too much rice, etc. etc., etc, I wouldn't have made a dime. You're the latest in a verrrrrrrrrry long line of shorts who have been proven wrong.

      PS: Thanks for the money

    • The asian gal is back .... awesome ...

      1/ If you've rode the wave so well so long ... WHY on earth hold ???

      2/ I plan to make a killing when this POS scam collapses . Most sane people would agree the valuations are insane .

      3/ I dont hate Obama ... I feel sorry for the USA . The USA voted in a guy w/ no morals or work experience . Most of my business owner buddies are following me offshore next summer for good . Even w/ Mitt in charge , it may be too late for the former SUper Power to regain her position of respect . The damage is done and severe .

      4/ Cramer is funny.. in a freakish D Trump way . Those who follow him are indeed sad . I dont hate Jimmy . Ive had the chance to meet him several times at functions and Ive always passed . I pity him and find those who DID want to shake his hand and get a pic together "scary and weird " . His wife was the cool one .

    • what's the weather like on fantasy island?(and thanks for the report on your post dated stock trades)

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