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  • billy_berew billy_berew Jan 17, 2012 5:42 PM Flag

    Who wants a laugh at CMG's expense?

    Go to Google maps and put in 922 N Division st, spokane, WA. Then select "streetview" and take a 360 degree look around the area.

    What you'll see i one of the newest CMG locations that has been announced. It will go in the vacant Hollywood Video store in the picture, across from the vacant grain mill, on the dead end street.

    Are there colleges nearby - no
    Are there high schools nearby - no
    Are there shopping areas nearby - no
    Is this a high traffic area - no
    Are there large office nearby - no

    What is the per capita income of Spokane - $18,000

    What is the average household income of Spokane - $33,000

    Boy oh boy!!!!!!!!!! This is what I mean by limited growth opportunites. Also consider they have to enter a bunch of local produce contacts for this one location. It's a real winner, isn't it.

    That's CMG's problem right now. They can go into low income areas were the per income is much less, and traffic is much less, or they can put more stores in "proven" locations, where the store will steal 23% of its revenue from other Chipotle locations as per my earlier posts.

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    • Another week, another 52 week high. When will shorts learn not to mess with the big buritto........

    • Sorry, missed Gonzaga. It wasn't intentional. In any case, my point stands.

      Gazago has only 8,000 students. Chipotle said their university locations are underperforming relative to the rest because of the summer lull. If the Chipotle near a large campus does marginal, my guess is this one loses money without any busnesses, shopping, or major residential nearby.

      They have slim pickens these days.

    • Never make investment decision based on Yahoo Message boards...for amusement purposes only, LOL.

    • Typical Message board propaganda. A simple zoom out shows that this location is practically on the Gonzaga campus with CC Spokane, UW and UPhx extensions within 3 blocks.
      It is called urban renewal. Take an older area, add 10 feet of sidewalk and a new business investments and you have revitalization.

    • New 52 week high. Account values dropping and margin calls ringing. Tis the season!!!

    • I would spend 300,000 to open new locations all day if some idiots I paid off were valuing them at 10,000,000 .

    • CMG is no longer a legit operation ... she has graduated to a full scale stock "game" .

      Tacos ... ???? Really ????

      They can open stores in ghettos and still claim that the future looks bright . They can still buy off soul less thugs from the same old firms that pumped DIscovery ZOne and Enron before the BK . Both companies were going to be here forever and take over the world .

      It was a pure stock play to enrich a few at the expense of mutual fund suckers who ended up holding the bag of sheet .

      When this company fails , they'll blame the economy and no one will go to prison .

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      • sybil1914 Jan 23, 2012 10:22 PM Flag

        You guys are a bunch of losers

      • The mood of the country is changing. As I said in a previous post on the LULU board, in the early 2000's, no one cared about earmarks. McCain made it a campaign issue and all of the sudden you had DOJ going after PMA and it become front page news for years.

        I'm no fan of what Obama nor his performance, but he will make the abuses of the financial sector a campaign issue, if not a primary campaign issue. NYT, WaPost and others will be covering and doing investigative reports on anything that they can gin up. Hell, I may very well help reporters once the issue starts to get hot. Some tough media coverage might permanently damage the brand of the institutions and individuals playing these games and the public won't have to wait for an ineffective, drawn out legal process to get some results...

        All one has to do is look at earnings multiples versus institutional control of float for cohorts of companies with relatively equal earnings growth rates over a multi year period and a picture rapidly emerges... Simply stated, a company cannot be a MOMO company and cannot enjoy MOMO multiples unless the float is highly concentrated in a small number of institutions, despite having better fundamental performance than MOMO peers...

        When a good investigative reporter or DOJ/SEC deep dives into those companies and the institutional holders, they'll have a field day IMHO...

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