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  • buy_undervalued_stocks buy_undervalued_stocks Mar 9, 2012 11:25 AM Flag


    It's amazing how GMCR sold off (nearly 10%!) today on the fact that SBUX is now going to compete in their space, but yet when it comes to Taco Stands CMG stands tall. There are several companies moving into the burrito space (Moe's, Freebirds, Taco Bell, etc.) but yet no one can put one and one together and see that this company is significantly overvalued. Time will tell and when this does fall out of favor, look out below...

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    • It eventually will fall, but no one knows when. When it does, it could drop 20% in a single session.I'm sorry, but 50 times forward earnings with only a 20% growth rate is excessive.

    • But back in the day there was nothing that would bring it down, no bad news would get it to correct. I was short GMCR from 90. Kept adding to my position all the way to 115. During that run it was up and up no matter what. Once it started to show weakness it was a free fall. But I covered too soon and then went long into the Oct. earning report because I actually started to believe all the pump and hype. I learning an expensive lesson that I don't plan to repeat. There is plenty of time with this one. I'll wait for it to show weakness and then ride it down all the way to 185. It's not like CMG has exclusive burrito making machines that only use beef that you only can buy from them. - PJ

    • Go to cash ...

      The US markets will collapse soon enough and then ....

      Its gonna get REALLLLLLLLL ugly .

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