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  • moosebreathnofloss moosebreathnofloss Mar 21, 2012 11:34 AM Flag

    Employees in the store

    How much do they pay these 6 to 8 people who are the GRUNTS in this Burrito bubble? Do you think they know how much Steve ells and his management team are raking in every week with their stock sales on top of their big paychecks?

    The business cannot run without them. I can't believe they won't be looking for a pay boost to share the wealth.

    UNION, UNION, Teamsters etc. etc

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    • You're trolling. Quit with the caps already.

      I don't know what' "you've heard," but the employees at our local Chipotle are all pretty chipper. And focused. That's not something that people that hate their job do well.

      Like Tech, your focus on this stock has you imagining the stock fairy gives a $h|T about what happens to Chipotle. The arguments are flip sides of the same coin, imagining the SEC is going to come in to stop stock manipulators, or a Union is imminenent - just like all the other fast food chains, lol - and will....what...who cares anyway? In this santa clause scenario, the only effect would be some of the profits would be bargained away anyway. All moot anyway cause it ain't happening.

      Hard to find superlatives, though, to describe just how overvalued this thing is.

    • I'll bet a well meaning svengali could make it happen in a month if Chipotle didn't further share the wealth.

      The word I've heard is CMG works these people to the point of exhaustion and pays them as little as they can get away with,

      Remember they were hiring illegal immigrants until "JOHN LAW" caught them. How's that for INTEGRITY. These employees work for less usually. I wonder where that adjudication stands. Has the Company been trying to buy their way out of this???

    • If they don'y buy back the shares then they will have an increase in outstanding shares due to the newly printed optioned shares.

      The Company has indicated over the years that they did not want the outstanding shares to increase.

      THEREFORE, they will continue to buy back shares even at these outlandish prices. Seems like a lousy way to spend shareholders money, you know, buying back stock at 61 times earnings. All this so the big boys don't have to wait for their big payday.

      Like Gordon Geckko said recently "GREED IS NOT GOOD"

    • Whether they have been buying stock back or not has nothing to do with line employee compensation.

      If they have been paying $300+ per share to buy back stock then they are absolutely screwing their shareholders. I haven't looked at financials and don't really care since I'm not a shareholder.

      "Just because the entire staff of a major company has never quit enmass, it doesn't mean it can't happen."

      That's a true statement but beyond idiotic as an argument. It's not going to happen to Chipotle (or any other company), and we both know it.

      No, it can't happen within a week.

    • finalhowiepiratesbrowncorn finalhowiepiratesbrowncorn Mar 21, 2012 7:39 PM Flag

      On the last cc, CMG said they have board approval to buy back $100 million worth of stock.

      However, they're not obligated to buy stock at any specific time or price and we don't know if they've been doing it this quarter or not.

    • Hey c'mon don't feign a brain freeze.

      Cmg "doesn't have to buy back their stock". BUT they have been buying back their stock at 4 and 5 times what the executive gave the Company for the shares. It's part of the written record. IT'S A FACT. And they will buy back another $100 million dollars worth presumably because they just said they would. This huge amount of money could be used for any number of things including better remuneration for the line workers or on the depressing physical plant in each location.

      Never take your employees for granted, NEVER. Just because the entire staff of a major company has never quit enmass, it doesn't mean it can't happen.

      Auto companies have experienced a complete shut down by their employees. If CMG is pinching their workers while they sell their shares at record prices it would be very interesting to wake up one day and have no CMG employees show up. Now, Mr. earnings man, just what would Chipotle do if this happens?

      It can happen within a week. Wouldn't you just luv watchin Stevie wrap you next Burrito.

    • Don't be ridiculous.

      First, the line employees probably have no stake in the company, and I doubt they are aware of what is going on with the stock.

      Second, what the stock is doing has very little to do with how the company is performing financially. Just because the stock price says the store's worth over $10m doesn't mean anything. Each store nets an average of $200k. Just $200k. There isn't much of anything left to "go around."

      By the way, these stores have WAY more than 6-8 employees.

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      • 6-8 employees per shift. Wasn't that clear? Don't under-estimate the employees awareness. They also make it happen and have every right to suggest they get a piece of the action.

        There's a lot less to go around when the head honchos continue to drain the coffers with stock based pay. Taking more loot than they'll ever need.

        Everybody that goes into a Chipotle should remind the line employees about the party they are puttin on for the guys at the top. How about a little INTEGRETY toward the assembly line employees.

        Even Tight Wad Henry Ford shared the wealth.

        UNION, UNION, c'mon Sally Fields. Where are you???

    • if obamacare kicks in, their labor costs will shoot through the roof

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