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  • dcisinsane dcisinsane Mar 26, 2012 10:09 PM Flag

    CMG . One more reason to exit USA

    YEs kids ... we're still here ... just NOT addicted to the sight like before .

    Traveling more ... trading less ... not glued to the screens . The partners are absolutely turned off by CMG but the dividends from old BORING stuff I see as "crap" is actually doing great . WHat a crazy world .

    Will be back ... off to Canada, DC , Cayman and Hong Kong in next few months . Raising capital since baby-sitting 50 mil is JUST as easy as 10 mil ... BUT the PAY and BONUSES are better .


    Good to see SO many employees of the taco retailer so happy when I check in and skim the funny pages . These are the same people destined to be selling tacos elsewhere when the fad collapses.

    The insiders selling massive share loads are NOT stupid . They realize a great time to leave and they are leaving as fast as they legally can .

    The Canadian markets we used to joke about are actually looking more honest than the USA's markets which iI find hysterical but CHina still hold the most promise as our own corruption soars and the wealthy leave this future socialist wasteland for legit business people .

    I still would not be surprised to see this POS cut in half pre market in the near future . The irony is that half for this scam is still too high for anyone who actually invests real money . We cant count the 25 year old FUND managers who are risking grandpas retirement account or the games of TOSS by the big boys .

    Im sure not a SINGLE investor has made a single purchase of this POS above 300 .

    I still say we see this POS under 200 by years end .

    Gotta go kids ... bigger fish to fry but Im sincerely happy that the employees and other people w/ 40 shares are having the time of their lives thinking they have an INVESTMENT and JOB w a solid taco retailer .

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... GO USA GO ... Obama cares about ALL of you !!!! LMAO

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