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  • n59218 n59218 Jun 20, 2012 4:27 PM Flag

    BBBY is getting demolished after hours -- CMG's future

    BBBY is getting demolished after hours -- we got to see CMG's future picture in advance! :-) Any one figured out yet, when Mr. Dvd.Ein. will arrive on the scene?

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    • -70 dollars down day coming here ... Newton's Third Law: hot-bean gases go up with jet-speed,
      pps goes down the cliff!

    • Tech - sounds like a sound strategy and Huck concurs with GLD - nibbled at LT Dec calls this am. Gold's decline is about as illogical as market's overall rise this year. We are in inning 3 or 4 of The Great Currency Wars. It's almost reached the "new paradigm" phase with Wall Street as the elixer to profits which when inflation catches up to this....look out. Huck posits majofr indices will trade sideways for the next 2-3 years until then. Stocks are so rightfully hated by the retailers that the dumb money has become the hedgies, MM's, and institutions.

      PCLN trade has been timed incredibly well, and thankfully Huck's short in CMG was modest as results haven't fared as well. Closed out ST puts midday and need to regroup this trade. A sideways trade into earnings looks plausible, if so making a sizeable pre-earning trade for Huck likely. You have stuck with your strategy well and will have plenty of dry powder for this eventual fall

      GL - and continue with your thoughtful posts.

      I enjoy the perma-bulls who claim to be ardent holders from years ago and if they're still holding today at 419 as they too will they be at 200. That's why they're called Baggies.


    • -70 $$ down day coming here too, it seems like, in not too distant future!

    • Classic...

      The myth of growth stocks, particularly US consumer oriented companies like CMG, as a hyperinflation hedge will be debunked soon enough.

      When domestic purchasing power gets recalibrated, it's going to be ugly for these consumer MOMO plays.

    • I expect it to squeeze through EOM/EOQ... That's why I am playing conservatively for now...

      In 80% cash and waiting patiently. Holding 25% more than my typical core LT DITM put position. Waiting for July (or 425 and 450 as triggers) to start adding to my puts. I suspect we will have a paint-the-tape / fake breakout and that's when I will get much more aggressive.

      YOY weather patterns gave CMG a huge lift the past two quarters. Winter 2010/2011 was pretty brutal with lots of snow/cold. Winter 2011/2012 had record warmth. April-June have been seasonally similar. Reality is setting in...

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