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  • n59218 n59218 Jul 19, 2012 9:59 PM Flag

    will struggle to hold $300's by next week

    After spending about 75 hours in fundamental
    and technical analysis of CMG ... this 404++ was
    the absolute-fluff-top of the 6th-wave I had
    calculated. Hence, had shorted it a
    couple-pennies below at $403.98 (thinking that
    some others might have come to the same conclusion as
    I had, and hence, wanted to short below the round number
    with a GTC-order and it was comfortably executed).

    So, just to let folks know ... lest some one thinks
    that perfecting-this-execution was easy! There was
    a 75-hours' worth analytical-labor put ahead of this
    flawless execution.

413.17+8.07(+1.99%)12:10 PMEDT