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  • eat4fun eat4fun Jul 29, 2012 10:14 AM Flag

    Taco bell cantina

    I went to Taco Bell yesterday and had a chicken bowl. as good as cmg and may be more flavorful. It was two dollars cheaper and included chips and salsa. There were numerous young teenagers including couples there having lunch including at least four Cantina bowls that I counted.

    I definitely thought it was more flavorful and definitely less salty. I'll be interested to know the actual statistics but it tasted better.

    CMG does not have any pricing power left with the competition that they face and all of their other well documented challenges

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    • So while the memory of Taco Bell was still fresh I went back to chipotle and I must admit it did taste better. however it also cost four dollars more. the kids I saw at Taco Bell arent paying $11 at cmg. Most teenagers would work two hours just to be able to buy a chipotle burrito bowl

      not gonna happen

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    • Run along little stinky, the big people are discussing investments and WE ALL KNOW YOU CAN'T PARTICIPATE IN THAT!!!! Poor little nutless, spineless briar....... one star on!

    • If you think Cantina Bell is comparable to Chipotle you simply have no taste for quality ingredients. This is from the perspective a purveyor of good food and has nothing to do with my position of my stock.

      First off, Cantina Bell does not include free chips and salsa. In my area, a chicken bowl from Cantina Bell is 4.79 and adding chips and salsa costs an extra $1.xx. By contrast, a Chipotle Chicken Bowl is 6.34.

      Next up, if you actually compare the weights of each item, you will see that a cantina bell bowl is actually slightly more expensive than a Chipotle bowl in a per ounce price. Sure, Chipotle costs an extra 33%, but the bowl you get from chipotle is over 50% heavier than the one from Taco Bell. Chipotle is actually slightly CHEAPER than cantina bell on a per ounce basis. As someone who works out regularly and has an active lifestyle, a Cantina Bell bowl is simply not enough food for me for dinner, so this makes a big difference.

      However, the real killer for me is the quality and taste of ingredients... primarily in the meat and cheese departments (the most expensive ingredients).

      If you actually watch them assembling the food, you will find that the taco bell meat is pre-cooked, pre-cut, frozen, and then re-heated in a metal container to be served to customers. Sorry, but that isn't even gourmet for camping in the wilderness. Pre-cooked frozen chicken has the most repulsive texture due to the way it is processed and is completely flavorless due to the lack of marinade/seasoning/grilling.

      Chipotle on the other hand actually marinates the meat and grills it right before it is served. It tastes a million times better and is worth the extra money.

      Taco Bell also does not serve cheese or fresh sour cream with their bowls (not that taco bell's sour cream is edible anyway)... instead they use a "cilantro mayo", i.e. flavored vegetable oil, since this costs virtually nothing. Unfortunately for cantina bell, flavored mayonnaise is not an adequate flavor replacement for cheese and sour cream. It does let them peddle their dog food at a lower price though.

      Finally, there is the guacamole. Chipotle is more expensive here - there's no way around that - but they make theirs fresh from avocados. Taco Bell on the other hand reconsitutes theirs from a powder - it tastes like water, has no texture, and IMO is unedible. Don't believe me? Look up the nutrition facts on Chipotle's versus Taco Bell's guacamole. Chipotle's is very high in fat - it should be as Avocados are a very fatty (but healthy) plant. Taco Bell's is virtually calorie-less

      Additionally, the portion sizes are way larger. You will get more chips and guacamole by sharing 1 Chipotle order of chips and guacamole than you will by ordering 2 orders from Taco Bell.

      In short, Cantina Bell will not steal away Chipotle's customers.. it is just a different demographic. I'm sure Cantina Bell will be popular amongst those who eat at Taco Bell, but forget about it taking away any regular chipotle eater.

      The real problem for Chipotle is the rising cost of dairy and meat, considering they actually use real dairy and meat...

    • Ya know, Going to taco bees, verses CMG is to different experiences.
      So stop posting it. CMG is falling under its own weight. The real competition, like Willy's, Moes and dozen others and Qdoba is the problem. NOT TACO FREAKING ALL PROCESSED FOOD BELL!

    • I've begun to follow chipotle given the fall last week. Often times these types of situations will continue to deteriorate and I agree with your comments regarding the competition. Taco Bell is also advertising like crazy.

      What I don't know about CMG is the potential for marketmaker manipulation now that the story has been busted?

      I've gone through a number of well informed Posts on this board and am interested to know if it will need aNother earnings event to move downwards or if we will see it within the interim period Between earnings reports?

      Away from earnings it does also look like there is the potential for other news events to hit this stock in interim.

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      • My suspicion it will move slowly downwards between earnings but there will be no major driver and thus no major drop. The mom players will even drive it up and the shorts will stab each other in the back periodically and make some upward jumps and they lose their minds and cover. CMG management does not often speak between earnings announcements unless they are forced to. So my guess is they will remain quiet just like they did for the last earnings and drop the bomb when the numbers come out. I like to grab my option plays about 1 to 1.5 months prior to earnings releases and have them locked and loaded before earnings and I don't have to pay too much of a premium for them. If I really think the stock is going to move I sometimes grab the weekly options if they are available.

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