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  • rlfadj rlfadj Jan 4, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    cmg scam thru options

    there is absolutely no volume since no one is buying the stocks, but each friday on oex and there is huge call buying to hike this stock up and follow by immediate stock dumping. noticed that it is extremely difficult to liquidate options without paying a huge spread between bid and ask. as of now there is 170 contracts that just got bought for 305 calls. at .45/contract, they are able to move this up by 3+. this is how put options get killed each week. crazy scam that happens every friday to slowly move this piece of #$%$ up on no volume thru option scam.

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    • True, but we don't know if the Big Horn is still on board or he has covered and left. That's the big question.

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      • i seriously doubt that he covered since it did not drop that much when he announced his short position. i believe it was oct. when he announced it and when they short a pos, these hedge funds do so for a long time and not just a couple of months and since they always hedge their shorts. funds do not move in and out like us since it is a huge expense and reflect badly on them. like i said, it is not an easy short. don't trade this #$%$ unless you have lots of $$ to stay in. this is why some of the shorts have moved on (i.e. dc, sybil etc...) for anyone who is contemplating on trading this #$%$, my advice is to stay out.

    • barely finished writing this and the dumping started. this scam works by them buying calls to move the stock up paying .45 per contract (in large volume) then immediately dumping the actual stocks when the stocks move up by the action of calls and then they immediately dump the actual stocks at a higher price (cause the stock to dip again) and then they buy more calls to move the stock back up again. once the stock is back up again from more calls they bought at lower price when the stocks were dumped, they immediately dump the calls at a higher price. this yoyos back and forth all day. this is done every week and that is why little guys like us can't win until ER.

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