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  • emildebois emildebois Jan 4, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

    I had an informative ..

    .. chat with rlfadj today about cmg and the points I was wondering about in which she gave me info too sophisticated for my market knowledge. I have done years of scientific research and have learned that Occum's Razor (If several pathways are possible, the one that goes is the simplest one) is always right. Putting all that I know about cmg together, the bottom line is if they did not do good the last two Qs (the Spring and the Summer when people are more jubilant, active, and maybe richer), there is no way they could have done good in the Winter. And all the recently talked about headwinds won't help them either. Therefore, although I am a good bit in the red as of today, I'll keep my short position at least till the ER is out. And I'm pretty confident I'm gonna make a profit. Unless, of course, everything is done in an honest manner!
    (Yes Cash, I do have balls of steel)

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    • Oops! Correction: The last sentence should've read "Unless, of course, everything is NOT done in an honest manner".

    • Hmmmm wonder how may cmg restaurants shut down during sandy super storm??? January euphoria will fade and earnings will be the next focus. Right after ER's there will be more challenges with the market when congress has to face the federal deficit reality. 2013 may be ugly for the stock market with all the tax hikes, obamacare, bad policies, etc... We may have a repeat of may 6, 2008 crash!

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