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  • yailgrad yailgrad Jan 17, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    Beware, ...... a trap is being set

    If you can't afford to lose the money, I would get out. Just remember this, at this point in the game, on this stock, no one in their right mind is going long. No one I should say, but those who have the power to take it up and keep it there. Get enough short money in the pot, and that's exactly what will happen. And they will take your money. If enough shorts take their profit here... $255 easy. But if more jump on, here comes $295.

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    • World events move the broader markets, and even the great CMG is not immune to a huge pullback. See that's the risk that the big boys have to take whilst they play their game. They can lose too. An 800 point pullback on the DOW in one day will throw a bucket of water on their little bee-ess. CMG game.

      Perhaps the moral here is long term, shorts can win. If they can endure the game. I don't see the broader markets jumping anytime soon. Not big jumps at least. Too much uncertainty. And yet the VIX stays low.
      Ahhhhhhhh........ best just not play. I'll tell ya whats a good long term short... AZO

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      • $295 .... right on the money.

        Feb 5th is gonna be a non event now. I have a feeling this jumbo pork burrito is just gonna churn and burn in a $10 trading range, until the big boys pull the plug on the DJIA.

        We shall see, somebody is going to start off loading some shares one would think. But.... CMG has, at last release, about 37 million for share buyback. At some point, they "know" where to buy. Maybe $250 will be the floor.

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