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  • jimcalp88 jimcalp88 Jun 3, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    Hope you longs listened and took my advice

    I hope those of you in long positions listened before it was too late and took your profits while you had the chance. There were plenty of warning signs and opportunities to get out in the 370's which was a nice strong level. Those who didn't need to remember the saying "Hogs get slaughtered". Mess up and lose the first time, well just a learning experience. Do it twice and you are not a good trader (or maybe not very smart). We all make mistakes, but the good ones learn from it.
    This one was awhile coming and many signs should have given warning.
    Skiidaddy, you got on us about your long chart awhile back. But as I told you, there are signs of a turn coming. I want to be the first to sell and first to buy, not the last one. Hope you listened. We saved you 10%

    Sentiment: Sell

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