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  • cash_back_7 cash_back_7 Jul 15, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    paging LA people


    Piboy, can u post what exactly impressed u about the new Asian thing.
    I mean, some attention to details would be nice.
    And i didn't mean Asian women, of course.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Location was almost across from that theater that looks like the top of a sno-cone(cinaramadome?) I would call the location pretty good with validated parking in the building I would have a hard time telling the difference between a shophouse and chipotle before you got to look at the food. I was immediatley served by an extremely enthusiastic, attractive worker wanting my order. I told her I wanted a little of everything, she started with some gluten free rice noodles and starting putting on a bit of each item, stopping to warn me about a couple that were especially spicy. The only issue I may have is that there are three sauce choices(mild curry , hot curry , vinagrette)I I don;t like curry and hate vinager so I was concerned. I chose the hot curry.

      It was all very good and was also quite spicy, and the curry did not offend me too much(they should come up with another alternative) My bowl was $8 and water for around a dollar.I would have spent $5 more if they had their beer license maybe $10( I did actually sweat ).

      They seemed to have about twice the staff necessary, but I assume that was because it was a new store.

      It was about 1/3 full, and had a continuous line of about 3 people at 6pm on a Wednesday.

      There is a Chipotle a block away.

      detailed enough?

      ps. I thought my culo might regret it in the morning, but it was just fine.

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