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  • rockenthejimmy rockenthejimmy Apr 26, 2010 3:53 PM Flag

    So why hasn't this stock been bought up?

    Any of the big drink companies want to take this company?

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    • Brian really pissed this girl off somehow. She is the most negitive person I have heard since I kicked my ex wife out. The only thing she says that is valid is about the share structure. Hopefully they are about done with that, now that the move is over and they have retained a one of the best law firms in the Charlotte Metro area(google them Ms. Pissy) to work their way to a better market.

    • Now that you mention it, a big drink company could be buying all these shares.
      They have to file a form and disclose 4% and over purchases, but there is a
      little leeway timewise, so public my not know for a few weeks.

    • don't listen to the professional bashers here.Do your own due diligence.the same guys that are bashing will be pumping as soon as their boss has the cheap shares they want.Then this will be the next pump and dump like HMIT

    • It is just starting to make sales in U.S. Company says they are selling product
      in Mexico, South Africa.They have distributors in El Salvador and Argentina.
      When they are selling across the U.S. and reporting their sales and get
      better known and the market for Relaxation Beverages takes off they may
      attract a buyer. They have only had legitimate ownnership for exactly one
      year, and had a real mess to clean up.

      • 1 Reply to catsrule2144
      • I dont believe they have any sales or distributorship or anything in any of the foreign countries you mentioned and until I see proof I wont believe it. they are a million miles from selling across the US and reporting sales. if the relaxation beverage market is exploding as everyone keeps claiming then the big beverage companies already have plans for tapping into it they arent waiting around for brian weber and his rinky dink beverage company to achieve national success so they can buy into it. by the time brian webers shareholders get his product in stores all over the us there would be a relaxation offering from every large manufacturer to compete against. I watched that video that just got posted and brian weber talked about how other relax beverages have names that are like drugs and nobody would want to associate with that. who the heck would want to associate with a name like KOMA? a critical medical condition that possibly precedes death! and when did "vacation in a bottle" start being something drug related? last year brian weber talked about getting koma out for the summer months just like hes talking this year. at that time he also talked about the relaxation beverage market segment just starting to explode and he wanted to be in at the beginning. he totally missed that time frame and is still talking about becoming the segment leader while going nowhere. IMO the relaxation beverage segment isnt going to go anywhere no matter who is pushing it. the stuff its made from is too nonregulated and even illegal some places the effects could cause things that would bring liability on the company. its also going to get attention as a gateway drug for alcohol use you just watch.

    • why would they want it? BBDA has debt issues and an abortion of a share structure. it has no name recognition and no market penetration. any big drink company already has their own formulation for relaxation beverage anyway and they can probably figure out what WATER is all by themselves without having to buy the rights to piranha water. in other words the company has no real value.

    • they smell somthing fishy thats why..PUUUUU