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  • metalcom2009 metalcom2009 May 3, 2010 4:13 PM Flag

    Dave King the in house BBDA pumping old fart

    he has his grand kids collage money riding on this hahahahahaha

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    • come on dave give us a break

    • hahahahahahahahahaa...what a fool


    • how can you tell if its a lie?

    • I am haveing a ball here. It may be the end of me posting. The end of Metal falling for a guy. The end of me posting here on Yahoo. This may be my last post. It's all up to Brian Weber. I will end this that my money is on Brian Weber. All I am saying here is that if the Israel turns out to be true I am in the money. If it's a lie I am broke.

    • the fact that brian weber is male doesnt make him more or less honest or successful or make your shares more vaulable so why do you care?why is the gender of anyone you have never met and will never meet so important to you? I havent "turned out" to be a guy. I havent "turned out" to be a girl. I am a bunch of letters on your computer screen so which sex I am means nothing in this instance. and you STILL havent told anyone why this PR is any different than the other fake ones or how you will be able to tell its fake since the only thing you seem to care about the gender of the posters and how they feel about each other.

    • Gin,
      You are the best basher I have ever stood up to. First you come on as a female and turn guys on. Then you turn out to be a male. I never fell for your crap. Now you say you may be a male or female and it's none of my business. I have never thought that Brian Weber was nothing more than a male. You are unreal.

    • its not strange that you have a real name is strange that you want people you dont know on an internet message board to know it. we couldnt care less who you are because its none of our business. this isnt a message board about you or me or metalcom its a message board about brian weber and daisy ramirez and bbda the company and stock. Im not hiding behind anything I just started changing my avatar and ID info when you started focusing on it to point out to you that its got NOTHING to do with what i have to say. I may be a female or a male young or old black white or puerto rican or asian live in the usa or not what difference does it make and why do you want or need to know? good for you that you have a real name and one ID and are a vietnam vet. who cares about any of that in here? this is about bbda not you.

    • brian weber is your "leader"? OK dude... I want you to explain how you are going to be able to determine now that brian weber is not honest and the PR is a lie beacuse you have demonstrated absolutely no skill at making that determination up to this point and cant even seem to undersand it when its pointed out to you. please give us an example of the success resulting from brian webers "hard work". nobody doesnt think you have a right to say anything you want or thinks your a joke dave king we think your a fool for refusing to see whats obvious. heres a test for you of how well brian webers done for you. suppose you decide today that hes not honest and bbda is a share selling scam. so you decide to sell your shares and get out of the stock. SURPRISE! you cant even SELL THEM because the stock is NO BID! and it is >>>>100%<<<<< the result of brian webers actions!!! hes led you down the drain and you dont need another PR to prove or disprove that its reality right now today like it or not! thats not an opinion its a fact.

    • Plus,
      If you are new to this board I have said that I will give 10% of what I make to the VFW. You want blood you got it. AC/DC. I have lived my life for this. WOW, I am out of control.

      Dave King

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