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  • metalcom2009 metalcom2009 Jun 16, 2010 9:27 PM Flag

    CEO LIES proof on IHUB..look here

    "Bebida Beverage Company Launches 'Anti-Energy' Drink for a Thirsty Market"
    was complete BS to pump the stock.

    He lied to us so that we believed the product was ready when it was never even formulated. You can't "launch" a product that doesn't exist but what was real was the 2 billion shares that increased that quarter.

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    • hmmmmmmm

    • anyone want to prove this wrong?? anyone..NO?

      • 1 Reply to metalcom2009
      • I dont want to prove your wrong because you arent wrong but theres LOTS of instances just like this one where the PRs or videos or letters to shareholders or pictures have turned out to be absolute bald faced LIES by the CEO designed to pump up interest and sell shares. those are flat out FACTS not opinions and the scam team pumpers here and on ihub just keep on pretending it never happened. notice right now theres no PRs and no volume. no PRs = no dumping of shares by the CEO. the guy who posted that (variant2) must have a great database of past prs and video and stuff. I have one but its in my head and Im too lazy to go look up links to prove what im talking about. Im glad variant2 can do it with verifiable links. I wish he wouild make a website with links with a timeline or something to point all this out so we could jsut link to it. or maybe hes compiling it all to send to the SEC along with the IDs of all the pumpers who are clearly in on the scam.