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  • wtblanch5 wtblanch5 Dec 29, 2010 7:57 AM Flag

    Question for Corstrat

    As I mentioned recently, I want to see more details on the quick change stations coming in the both cities. Joint ventures can be interesting critters ... is there going to be an IR for that? Will there be an English portal for that IR? We've got a 4th company involved now, on the Lithium side, right? Are they a big-foot too, or more like KNDI?

    While one could understand that locations may be in negotiation, and not info you want to release publicly, the kind of thing that would impress me is release of target dates for stations in a sort of living document that shows projections, announcements of proposed locations, completion of locations, etc.

    With several very powerful companies involved, it can get tricky as to not stepping on toes, and who will be in charge of PR. And while KNDI has made recent strides to provide an English speaking IR "face," whether the JV gets that is another matter that I would think would be another very positive step towards KNDI US market acceptance.

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    • Excellent questions and comments. Politics is everything when dealing in China, particularly when it is the Government and its money. From my very beginning with this Company, I was told of Mr. Hu's connections. After visiting the Company and just seeing pictures on the wall of the Conference room with Mr. Hu and members from the top level of PRC Government on down, I can assure you that is the truth. But lets face it. Politics, be it in business or Gov, no matter what Country, is still basically the same. When you currently are a junior company like KNDI, you need to have the ability of being able to make the "higher-ups" understand what you are trying to accomplish, but most importantly make them think it is their great idea. Mr. Hu seems to be a master at this.

      There are two things of late that I am still finding almost impossible to comprehend here.

      1) How a tiny company like KNDI was able to lure a Giant like State Grid to not just be a partner in the JV, not just that they have left KNDI with an incredible 30% interest without supplying anything but technology, but also in allowing KNDI to reap all of the profits from providing a mandatory ingredient of the JV, the cars AND on top of all this, pay KNDI a huge subsidy to make the cars.

      2) How difficult it has been getting the stock market to comprehend how monumental this is for the future of any company. Does the market think that KNDI is lying about all this and is just using the names of Stat Grid, the PRC and local governments to tout their stock only to leave these benefactors embarrassed if this turns out to be some bogus action? Hey, this is China. You screw over the Government and you get HUNG!

      The irony of all this is that if this was a US Company like TSLA and the US Gov. gives them a half billion dollar loan (as it did), the stock goes to a $3 billion market cap. If it doesn't work, Oh Well, another taxpayer write-off.

      Anyway, back off my soap box to try to address your questions.

      The build out of the actual Jinhua changing stations is political and strictly up to State Grid's schedule. We have seen China articles from State Grid that calls for the first six to be completed by June, the next 19 by the end of 2012 and an additional 15 shortly thereafter.

      But do understand one important thing. This is not like a Better Place that requires a half million investment just for the changing station part alone. All it takes for a Changing Station for Express Change, is a small piece of a parking lot. A flat bed truck with some batteries, a little cherry picker arm, two dollies and one $2.00 an hour laborer. Sales are not being held back waiting for formal stations to be built.

      Your "stepping on toes" comment is Right On, based again on politics and has been for a year. In just about every instance that has had a PR about the JV, we have found it based on some article that came out in the China press first and is usually quoting one of their senior partners.

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