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  • silverfox132 silverfox132 Jan 14, 2011 10:45 AM Flag

    What a recovery, there is serious buying interest here!

    very nice to see, Mutual funds must be stepping in.

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    • They would have to shake it down to three to get at me, and then I would buy more any how.

    • I posted last weekend that my main goal here was to increase the audience. From that point of view, I could not be happier with the the sharesleuth article. If it brings a hundred more eyeballs to KNDI, then I am sure it will bring at least a dozen more buyers. What I really like about the article is that they put a link to my last Seeking Alpha article. In hopes that it resurrects interest in that article, I posted the following comment on that article this morning.

      "An article just came out that on behalf of short sellers trying to malign KNDI by maligning me. They couldn't say anything negative about KNDI, so they feebly went after me. As you know from my bio I at one time owned a brokerage firm. With ownership comes responsibility. I venture to say that very few firms at one time or another never have some run in with the SEC or Finra. My firm had two insignificant events in over ten years in business, 17 and 25 years ago that I had to take responsibility for. And of course this info is in the public domain. Everything mentioned about me in that article I had disclosed at one time or another on the KNDI yahoo chat board and if there was anything that I had to be ashamed about you can bet I would not be writing articles under my own name.

      Other than Ken Donefeldt, tmk none of the peopled mentioned in that article has had any contractual tie to KNDI in at least a year and a half.

      KNDI is real I do know how to do DD on a company, that's why I went to China in Nov to visit the Company, the shorts who obviously know an article was coming spent the last week adding to the already 1.2 million share reported short, have a problem, and if this article is the best they can do, they will be in deep trouble as KNDI's fundamentals continue to develop at its current breakneck pace.

      If anyone cares to discuss this with me in person, here is my phone number. 281-614-1792

      Here is a link to the article:
      (End of comment)

      All publicity is good publicity if the Company has the goods.

      Hopefully, attacks like this will increase Mr. Hu's awareness of the scummy tactics that companies and shareholders have to deal with these short sellers and encourage the Company to put out more frequent news announcements.

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