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  • corstrat corstrat Jan 20, 2011 6:35 PM Flag

    Struff-Sorry, but I have to say this...

    Struff, I really don’t have any problem with each and every bullet point you posted. Your research in the past has been very helpful and will be missed. What I do have a problem with is the non-objective dramatic comments you made in the “Book Ends” of you bullets.

    “After what I learned today about the Hangzhou battery charge and replacement station I was shock shelled and dazed. I learned it from a person who is involved in the preparation of the Battery charging and replacement standards. I will not disclose as I don’t want to compromise this person."


    “I am sorry that I have to share this news, but I feel it would be unfair not to do so. I am also very disappointed and frustrated that I had to do all this investigation work because Mr. Hu doesn’t inform the investors in an appropriate way. I have repeatedly asked for more info and didn’t get it from Kandi, so I was forced to find out from other people.”

    If you simply posted the “bullets” and said something like this to open and close the bullets:

    Start with something like:

    “This is what I heard from a source wishing to remain anonymous that should be in the know.”

    And end with something like;

    “I don’t know if this could be a problem for KNDI or not, I have sent several questions to the Company IR, it is irritating, but have not received an answer yet. If and when I do, I will post what I find.”

    Then that would have treated what you posted fairly and objectively.

    Unless the person you spoke with at SG has specifically been involved in formal discussions with Mr. Hu, then you don’t have any idea what KNDI’s deal is with SG. It is unlikely that “involved in the preparation of the Battery charging and replacement standards” would be such a person, and also likely not very high up if he is freely talking to anyone who contacts him.

    Struff, you don’t really believe that SG is going to make “all cars” no matter shape or size, conform to one type of battery do you? If so then either SG has lost its sanity or you have.

    Remember, when I and four others were in China the week before the State Grid Jinhua opening, I told you that Mr. Hu and the four of us went to the soon to be opened SG battery farm. Mr. Hu, the translator and I were in Mr. Hu’s car, the others behind us in a van. Mr. Hu stopped his car, not in a parking spot, but right in the middle of surface area between the Charging Posts and charging building where thirty or forty people were milling about to include a SG video crew. As he pulled up a swarm of a least a half dozen “men in suits” quickly walked right toward his car. When he got out, the “senior” suite walked up to him grabbed his hand was pumping his hand and bowing. We stood back while they were talking and was informed by our translator that this was the top guy in the Eastern Region of State Grid.

    Further, reading of your own post,;

    “The equipment that you saw in the video that I posted was developed by a guy from State Grid who has devoted his time on this for over 2 years. No cooperation with Kandi.” . 1) Do you think this guy might have his own preferred agenda? And 2) Do you think that SG management is so screwed up that just a couple of months ago when they cut their deal with KNDI, they forgot about what has been in development for 2 years?

    I assume you sold most if not all of your stock prior to posting this at best “questionable information”, but what you for sure have is wrought serious damage to your own credibility. Not because of what you posted, but because of the non-objective way you posted it. You know that we have been in a fight with short sellers and their yellow journalist shills who espouse opinion based on skimpy evidence rather then tangible fact, what you have done is IMO, no better.

    I wish you better luck in your use of proceeds from this sale, then you had with your last.

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    • Corstrat, you don't need to be sorry, you are free to write what you want to write in your personal style ....and so am I.
      Also, this last post of yours is full of emotion (anger?) while you try to advise me how to behave?
      I am not here for gaining credibility, I am here for sharing information and I will make my decisions based on my own DD and DD from other posters here.
      It doesn't fit to my personality to bash, to pump or to short a stock.

      May be you can focus your efforts on getting answers from Mr. Hu to the essential questions and that will be more helpful to this MB than a diatribe or trying to make somebody a scapegoat.

      • 2 Replies to struftepete
      • Corstrat you just floored me turning on Struft.

        His information has been informative and genuinely helpful. His post re the battery exchange was filled with outrage because he felt duped.

        I wish you would stop attacking him or his motives and just address the subject.

        Everything is up for conjecture right now until "The China Standard" plays out.

        It is too early to tell who the winners and losers will be.

        It sounds like KNDI has a good chance if it were just based on their technology. Where there is this much money involved anything can happen.

      • Struff, don't think you understand, it's not a question of behavior, really. There's no way the company could have legally responded to your email, imho. If it were presented to me as their house legal counsel, I would have told them to file it. Not saying you don't have a right to ask the questions you did, but as a publicly traded company it just would have exposed them to liability, imho. I really do respect your research, but in this instance, not sure you understand the restraints that public companies operate under these days. Don't take this as a dismissal of your research efforts, I honestly believe that you were never going to get a response from the email you sent, the way it was framed. No disrespect, that's just the way it is these days with the legal liabilities that exist.

    • Hard to believe that such an intelligent fella can become unglued on information that has yet to be validated. Seems he has had a trust issue all along :)..Oh well, to each their own. I wish "Struff" nothing short of all the best wishes no matter what he does.

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