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  • speeder430 speeder430 Jul 11, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    i want one of you long people

    to refute some of what richard pearson said. if you cant and you just thumbs down me that will further prove his point that you guys all hold this stock for no reason and he is right.

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    • LOL and who will take your statement as sincere?

    • You know, I already did... and apparently you cant read. The book value of Kandi is 250 a share... two dollars and fifty cents. The book value of Tesla is 1.50 a share... one dollar and fifty cents. My stats are from Yahoo streaming quotes. That means if you broke BOTH companies up and sold the parts... KANDI is worth 67 percent more than TESLA. Tesla is market capped at 15 billion dollars. KNDI is market capped at what... 150 million dollars. Whose the idiot there? Tesla share owners, that's who. Also... price ps to sales ratio KNDI 2.51... Price to sales ration TESLA... 15.00. Six times the price to sales of stock. KNDI making 19 cents a share for a 24 PE. Tesla... making... oops tesla LOSING 2.48 a share... for NO PE. No Price to earnings... aint got none. Dig, bud? God, this is why it does not pay to read these boards... just a bunch of political campaigning and arguing and no one who knows how to read a balance sheet.

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