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  • nytonc1979 nytonc1979 Dec 29, 2013 10:27 PM Flag

    I will kick myself

    if this continues to go up big on monday. I have been burned 3 times this year with stocks that soared Friday and PUMP messages through the roof over the weekend got me so excited that I bought on the first dip after open only to see my $ disappear before my very eyes in the minutes following as the stock came back to earth. So I am sitting this one out for now. I believe this stock will do well overall, and maybe this time will be different, but I would still be cautious for those entering on Monday. I am itching to get into this, but hoping it will correct a bit first.

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    • Itching to get in...or itching to cover? Why are you sharing your dilemma? Buy if you have done your due dilligence and you feel good about a stock...or hold of.

    • armed_with_fire_and_ice armed_with_fire_and_ice Dec 30, 2013 12:02 AM Flag

      I suggest you wait to buy until you feel comfortable to get in. There will be significant ups and downs on this one. Don't listen to anyone or make any decisions based on message boards! The volatility will be excessive. However, use your own knowledge and don't make the foolish mistake of selling on the first sign of bad news from something you read about. The fact is that in the long run KNDI's innovation will overcome everything and you will make money! Good Luck

    • I'm sure a few of us on this board have been burned before but the facts are KNDI has been overdue for this run up! The pps is going to catch up to its true value. There are too many positives and the lack of PR and the shorts being in control has hurt this stock. KNDI is just starting to get noticed and once the real buying begins + low float means 5 bagger in the next 6 months!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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