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  • ronperkins59 ronperkins59 Feb 28, 2014 8:05 PM Flag

    Earnings coming


    My broker told me earnings for KANDI will come March 17th and he told me they will be good, but how many cars were sold in the 4th quarter will be the question. If earnings are good watch this stock go. KANDI is moving up because of Telsa's great success.

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    • My broker, my broker, my broker… come on, give us a break.

    • Has anyone read his other posts? They all start with "MY BROKER." One of them says "MY broker went to the KNDI factory and test drove the cars." HAHAHAHAHA. REALLY !!. And who has a broker nowadays anyway. You can trade online cheaper. hello !!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for the info. I think kandi could care less about Tesla. Kandi's success is solely built on the desperate need of electric transportation in China and an affordable way to get around for the masses. Kandi already has a name all by itself in China. Just keep in mind the dimensions. The Chinese market is many times bigger than the U.S. Market. Here almost everybody has at least one car if not two. In China onlY 10% of the population has a car. That compares to the U.S. In the 1940ies and the Chinese population as 1.4 billion (the U.S. Is 370 million). Kandi is a "need to have" while tesla is a "nice to have". Kandi could grow many times bigger than Tesla and even GM. Just think about the demographics: China has about 160 cities with more than 10 million people. This concept and the potential is mind boggling. If tesla is smart, and Musk is, they partner with Kandi.

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      • Hey Azbo........right on!!!!! Using the 60's parlance!!!!!!!
        Could not have said it better taxfree in Dubai, putting every single penny(Dirham) I can in KNDI.......just back from the bank transferring my pay for the month.......been doing this for 8 months......used to buy a couple thousand with it each months labor, down to a few hundred per month......but that is a good thing!!!!

        KNDI is possibly the investment of a lifetime...........all the best.

    • Your broker has insider information to back up this claim? Doesn't he know that's illegal? Or is he just speculating like the rest of us?

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