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  • doing_good123 doing_good123 Mar 30, 2014 2:25 AM Flag

    why doesn't Geely just buy out Kandi ?

    makes sense doesn't it. Forget the JV.

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    • For long investors it is better if KANDI grows on its own from a $100 Million company to a 10 Billion company... That would means that the stockprice will mutiply with about 250 if that figure would be in reach...

      Reason is that if sucked up by a big company like Geely you would only get a one time premium.... You can forget about the growing company premium because there are much more shares of the overtaking company making the PPS prospect much less then when KANDI would grow on it's own... Therefore GKG!!! On your own... Therefore the move of Mr. Hu was very smart to do a JV instead of a merger....

      Mr. Hu is a smart man... And hopefully he will be all our man... :)

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    • bemos Mar 30, 2014 9:57 AM Flag

      could happen, that's what I'm thinking too!

    • 1) Chinese company in China. Not a US company in USA or in other parts of the world where buying-up companies is common and allowed. In China, the PRC controls this process not the SEC. Big difference.

      2) There are a number of longs that will not give up their positions until we are far north of where we are now. Selling to Geely right now would dilute any future position that would be enjoyed remaining under Mr. Hu and Kandi.

      3) Don't have to... Kandi, China and Kandi's stockholders will enjoy the fruits of the labor from the path laid down by Mr. Hu and his team in due time. Very hard to find a good management team that understands their business and innovative enough to move the company forward. Financially with the stimulus coming to make money more obtainable for Kandi, their business partners (e.g. venture capitalist to the vertical garages, hotels, train stations, etc. part of the car sharing program) and the announcement of subsidy payments to Kandi (due in April), that will provide additional capital to Kandi.

      Relax... Sometimes wanting is far more appreciable than having as the grass may not be as green seen from the other side.

      Just my personal opinion anyways...

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