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  • inept.dungheads inept.dungheads Aug 11, 2014 12:53 PM Flag


    1) It was formed as a REVERSE MERGER. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Almost every reverse MERGER STOCK TURNED OUT TO BE A SCAM! Only a few are left.
    2) Loans were never repaid. Said they couldn't find the guy. He's RUNNING CREG! A company TRADING ON A THE NASDAQ!!!! How hard could it be to FIND THE GUY TO REPAY HIM????
    3) READ SHARESLUETH! This is an eye opener as to the kind of guy Hu is.
    4) Hu can't even COUNT CARS! He claimed to export 4x as many cars as were imported.
    5) He sells GOODS TO HIMSELF. Then he INFLATES the VALUE of those goods and calls it PROFIT. WOW!
    6). Hu has NO CUSTOMERS, OTHER THAN HIMSELF!!! How do you make money SELLING TO YOURSELF!
    7) READ Ben the Pharmacists report on Hu the RAT! This report dropped KNDI stock $4. Nothing has changed. Hu developed a super complex business to hide his scam.

    The whole concept of a scam is to be impressive before it implodes. All scams throughout history have done well before they collapsed. XING climbed from $1 to $22 before it imploded. APWR climbed from $2 to %16 before it imploded. Hundreds of Chinese reverse merger companies are now GONE, along with BILLIONS in Americans money.

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