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  • k1t13362 k1t13362 Jul 3, 2013 7:58 PM Flag

    Remember, when Raystock is long the shares and they decline he claims to have taken them down

    Raystock, the attention seeking child, sissy boy liar, and loser does the same thing on every message board that he posts on. He buys, watches the share price decline, and then claims to be taking the share price down rather than admitting that he was wrong and losing money. Raystock is still looking for that one person who will believe that he is causing his own loss to grow intentionally

    raystock48079 • May 5, 2011 1:11 PM Flag
    It is fun controlling the share price
    I am the only one in this world that has that power.

    Remember, he was buying at $33 when he posted that.

    Raystock also paid $55 for qid, took it down, and told everyone that he controls the share price at $23
    Raystock also paid $661.31 for aapl, calling that price cheap, and then posted that he took it down to the low 400's

    if you believe anything posted by Raystock then you must also believe in Santa Claus

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