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  • johnodod johnodod Feb 11, 2007 4:30 PM Flag

    Report from the World Money Show

    There was wide agreement from the investment guru's that Biotech is a megashift industry, poised to grow rapidly, even as big pharma has serious problems maintaining margins.

    Prediction: Lots of investment money flows into health care driven by global demographics. The money goes to biotech and the industry explodes.

    The guru's say CRXL is NOT a competitor to Vical. They say CRXL will be at the heart of the next generation of vaccines. They say CRXL is a good investment but fairly priced now. These experts expect Biocryst to get the H5N1 contract and say it will bring them a quick tripple.

    They are bullish in the extream on Dendrion and the shot of FDA approval on a prostrate cancer vaccine.

    When it comes to Vical, the news is good, ultimately. The guru's say the science is good and approval of anything, PAD or A-7 for instance will give Vical a quick tripple or better.

    No one was recommending Vical, or even commenting on the company, I had to seek them out for discussion. It seems the multiple shots on goal, at this stage, with this management, is not a plus. These well known advisors I will not disclose, say Vical always comes out with something new to mask the fact they aren't getting anything through the pipeline and into the market.

    Vijay has NO credibility in the space because he's seen as unfocused in a business sense. DNDN may go out of business if they fail on provenge and the guru's push it hard because they believe the management is FOCUSED and willing to bet the company. No one is following Vical because they assume it will be a close but NO cigar on Bird Flu and lost focus on A-7.

    The guru's say Vical will get another look with the dog vaccine, and they say A-7 approval takes Vical to $20 in rapid fashion on the way to at least $50 in the year that follows.

    These investment advisors say Vical's communication each quarter has been unfocused, following fads and headlines and causing professional investors to fear urgency is lacking on A-7, the low dose failure being the seminal event they associate with a collapse of the stock.

    I love reading and hearing about all Vical's shots on goal but Vijay and Vical are on ignore until they prove it somewhere. Moreover, A-7 is the story for these guys and they can't believe it's not the same for Vijay and the Vical investor relations and public relations strategy.

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