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  • db69023 db69023 Apr 6, 2013 11:49 PM Flag

    I know you all hate my meesages

    Atleast 2 here.
    Another question for you folks.
    But, an oncologist told me the other day that melanoma imay be severe but not like prostrate which may be common but treatable (prostrate)..
    He told me go to a big pharma company. Duh. That doesmn't make me $$..
    Of course, I talked to another oncologist about DNDN just before its phenomenal rise from 4 to 50.
    The adorable oncologist told me that their drug doesn't really work. So DND back to 4.
    Who do I listen to?
    Honest question here.

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    • You gather facts, and draw your own conclusions. Otherwise, hire an investment adviser, and let them manage your money, for a fee.

    • Stop talking to oncologists, at least the ones you know.
      Melanoma is common and because of limited treatment options, it has favored FDA status rather similar to that of orphan diseases---uncommon with limited treatment. In different words, incremental progress toward highly effective treatment will be welcomed.

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      • robertdurgin Apr 7, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

        Melanoma is more common in certain areas of the United States and australia/new Zealand. A component of both genetics and sun exposure. This is a generalization. In terms of treatment options, with early surgical wide excision the majority of melanoma is cured. Not all melanoma cases are obvious . Some are ignored. Some are particularly aggressive. It is actually education and awareness that has led to dramatic decreases in metastatic melanoma in the last 20-30 yrs. Once melanoma becomes regionally advanced is were we find significant declines in the 5 & 10 yr survival rates. Since this involves both young and old, with little successfull treatment options the FDA treats it like a orphan dz.

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