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  • ibnrgetic ibnrgetic Aug 15, 2013 3:17 PM Flag

    I am out...

    Hung in there for years based upon the forward looking, encouraging statements. Held the stock in assumption of a successful trial and held long term for tax purposes, and missed out on other opportunities as my money sat in VICL. I have no more trust in management, and if it spikes later that will add some salt to the wound, but it is refreshing to no longer be beholden to VJ and staff. Best of luck to those with iron balls that stayed in. I think I am done with small biotech, as I just don't know who I can trust any more.

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    • See ya ibnrgetic, That would be a good name for someone else who hangs around here alot. I think you were right-on with this paragraph you wrote back in November of 2012:

      "I have held this stock for years, watching the progression of events. One thing that has always bothered me was the price compared to the cash position and pipeline. I always believed that the shorts saw a gold mine in the manipulation of the stock. Maybe they do, but the actions of management appear to be truly suspect to me now. Look at the recent run-up, and the subsequent fall, long before this news was made public. Clearly, people at least knew about the delay long before we did, and sold their stock at a profit, while the rest of us held on and watched the value of our investment decline once again. Lo and behold, still no data as promised. Then more dilution".

      "I always believed that the shorts saw a gold mine in the manipulation of the stock". And "clearly, people at least knew about the delay long before we did....." Can you imagine how much money one could make if he or she had access to info out of VICL's offices in advance?

      Oh well, take care now. But know that many of your old friends will still be here.

    • I'm short the Market. 12 stocks. And yes NFLX is one. But Having a darn good week with those trades. AND i'm down 1.3 million in VICl. I made the mistake os Believing and Hoping people would get help. I made the mistake Of WANTING this to work. Throw in VJ's chuckling and VO's formula's??? I'm down , But I have not made a sale for a loss. There is Value here. 40 Million shares tradeed in 3 days. Someone bought 15-20 million. Someone who knows more than we do. So I'll buy a little more. Citi 3$ BUy target. The man must of heard something he liked to reiterate a BUY.

    • I know the feeling.
      I bought 1k shares of GBE over 30 years ago, until they went BK last year.
      My advice is to wait for a market crash or recession when most stocks lose half their value, and then buy good solid companies.

    • we understand :'(
      I guess the "12" number coming to your mind was the opening on Monday August 12th.
      maybe you are psychic.
      good luck to you.

    • Can't blame you. This has been a very very tough week. I think a 1.20 is the bottom, unless more "ugly" surfaces. A miracle buyout would be a dream come true. I would take 4 bucks in a NY minute. Switching over to other stocks at this time with the market so volatile is not a palatable move for me. I will hold as if this is cash for the time being.

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