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  • chipper4747 chipper4747 Sep 6, 2013 4:52 AM Flag

    Remember the "Old Days" when messages like this one ....

    ....started tongues a-wagging and blood a-rushing? What message you say? How about:

    Subject: "Silence is Deafening"

    Why haven't we heard from VJ after this debacle? Why haven't we seen the data from the A-7 trial? Well, since he hasn't resigned, there is only (and I do mean "ONLY") one reason why:

    He's in the middle of calling around and working on a partnership deal of some sort, for one of VICL's would-be drugs ("would be working" or "would be hopeless"), so as to improve shareholder values. I mean, why else would everyone go dark? So therefore, ladies and gents, buy VICL shares now while everyone else is selling! Be the genius on your block and recoup 10x your investment in no time flat!! The facts are clear: a deal is in the works! Watch CEO VJ earn his keep and make shareholders happy after all that has
    happened. He really cares about you! You won't be disappointed!!!

    So there you go .... an old-time pumping post based on somebody's best efforts on this board. It was actually sort of fun to write (given that I've never written one before of this shameless tone). Now I expect 20 replies within 12 hours as all the longs realize they're in for a real treat in no time flat. Won't you be sad when shares bounce high after you've sold yours at AL (the all-time low, a term that knowltonca prefers to use)?

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