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  • pickin76 pickin76 May 2, 1998 2:39 PM Flag

    SOTR--too good to be true!!!!

    A SOTR-TRMK would be infinitely better than
    FATN-DEP. SOTR is on every bank analysis' BUY
    recommendation list. SOTR is a very strong and conservative
    bank( like TRMK) but much bigger and positioned for
    future growth. SOTR please buy TRMK!!!

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    • TRMK is not for sale! Plus, SOTR would never buy
      a MS bank. They are obsessed with growth rates and
      an MS bank would slow down their growth rate. Look
      for more FL acqs from SOTR. They'll go into TX bef

    • All the directors that sold out in DEC/JAN are
      smiling now. So glad we elected them all back to board.
      They are doing a wonderful job. Those stock options
      that were voted on at stockholders meeting are proving
      a real incentive also. Community above
      profit-employee over shareholder; give me a good bike race , an
      exciting tennis match---THIS BANK IS NOT FOR SALE!!!!!

    • If you boys dont sell you will loose 5% of your investment friday.
      Oops, I was suppose to post that to yall last night. sorry

    • Since this is the TRMK message board were
      information and comments conderning TRMK are exchanged, I
      interpret your analogical comment to mean if TRMK were more
      aggressive, TRMK would merge into SOTR. Is this the
      non-progressive msmudcat?

    • she'd be my uncle.

    • FATN has bought 3 banks since DEP. Now a $20B
      bank. UPC with its recent merger is now a $32B bank.
      SOTR has not recently merged but has made some buys,
      now a $33B bank. A BXS merger would make SOTR around
      $38B. If RGBK were to merge with FATN as you suggest,
      the combined bank would be around $53B. Then there's

    • if SOTR makes a run at BXS. SOTR wants in MS &
      with TRMK's "this banks is not for sell" stance SOTR's
      run at BXS is possible. TRMK competing with SOTR,
      UPC,& FATN--could be bad! Also look for FATN-RGBK soon.
      TRMK may not have the growth potential but TRMK will
      provide more jobs in Jackson, have a great bike race, &
      an exciting old folks tennis match. So what if these
      big banks make more money. Community-jobs first:
      shareholders last! TRMK's stock price $3 below year end. But
      TRMK doubled last year! UN-doubling this year.

    • This board has become as dead as the stock. Of
      course, TRMK did double last year, even thought it's
      trading about a $1.50 off of year end. I need to join you
      on the sidelines of this one but just keep hanging
      on. I talked with an insider today and says nothing
      to the SOTR talk. That is such a shame. A merger
      with SOTR would be great. IF TRMK is going to bury its
      head in the sand why not the gulf coast sand, not a
      merger but consolidation. Make Mr. Seals chairman of
      board, keep TRMK name and headquarters and Mr. Hickson
      chairman of bank. HBHC has been underperforming for some
      time and Richard seems to be doing a good job at TRMK.
      Win-win! This would really be a great thing for MS. Then
      merge with PHC. The combination of these three would
      make an attractive franchise; about as attractive as a
      MS franchise can be!

    • Forgive me please! I got carried away. I was
      selfishly thinking how my investment in TRMK might become
      maximized enabling me to better provide for my family.
      Having read the cl concerning the FATN-DEP deal, I as a
      shareholder need to put community above family. Will SOTR
      keep the bike race, the tennis match, revitalize
      Farrish Street, help Johnson-Stokes-Armstrong move the
      city into the next century? Excuse me please, one
      should not put ones money a risk for personal gain. Will
      TRMK acccept civic pride as my house payment?

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      • It's funny you mention taking care of your
        family, what about the families of all the employees of
        TRMK, DEP, Sunburst, MagFed, & BXS that will lose (have
        lost) their job because of such mergers? I'm talking
        about the average Joe's here.

        I propose this,
        take your money and invest it in a drug stock or a
        computer stock then I will pull for those companies to
        develop a miracle drug or a faster computer chip so that
        you may realize your worldly riches. But I cannot
        wish you success at the expense of anothers

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