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  • kg2931 kg2931 Jul 28, 2002 12:04 AM Flag

    Seattle Times Article today - INSP

    Featured article in the Bus section announcing the R/S. What I tool note of is that the co said they didn't believe share buy back was in best interest of the co because they'd rather have the cash to "purchase acquisitions". Mentioned that they recently purchased Excite as an example. I didn't attend the the CC and somehow I've missed any posts on this board mentioning this position of INSP's. What's everyone's take on this position? Think INSP is bull shitting us? I suppose if INSP is sincere in their intent to acquire other "acquisitions" then in time we ought to be able to track some evidence of this...

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    • That would be insane. It's obvious now anything construed as a misleading share holders will be dealt with, with an iron fist.

      I've got to believe those at INSP with any common sense would realize this.

      You lie, you now go to jail. That, and that alone makes me feel much better about what I'm hearing.

    • That is correct, they want to acquire more dot bombs that have fallen out of the gallexy with our money and therefore they will have less money and the share price will fall faster. If those www.dotbombs could not make it, why do we want them? and with money that could put us in eventual BK? they are not going to buy ibm or anything with just a few million, they are going to buy stuff in bankruptcy at firesale prices, like excite at home. The money they spent then could have just about bought them WCOM today... not really, but do you get the point? Ok, we know they have about 200 - 300 Million, & low cash burn, and no debt. If they were ever going to acquire anything, then the time would be about now, to be the cheapest, perhaps. Maybe they get something that will go well with their platform and they are able to come out of this fighting for survival, at always shareholders expense. Or would they be better off keeping the money they have for survival and keep shareholders from going thru more losses before a reward, if ever? my guess is that Jain is eyeing the stock value while it is still up and will acquire something ASAP while he still has money to spend. We all know that R/S is going to send the stock lower, unless he can produce news just about everyday for the next month or so. If so, then I would believe that he could get it above $5 and institutions would be able to buy, from the marginable range. No one can produce news, or news good enough to do that or they would not be doing a r/s to keep at least above a dollar, to stay listed. At least I have never seen any tech stock do it yet. Nevertheless, I believe I would rather see them fight for survival than just going to work as usual and doing nothing different while the stock sinks and faces delistment. Will R/S work? I dont know, but they had better show some effort behind it or it will do like the majority of all other r/s stocks have & that is go back to pre-split prices, and accomplishing nothing more than buying time to keep a NAZ listing at about -10X shareholder value at shareholders expense. Then, facing the delistment again. I am not predicting anything here, just sharing opinions, and thoughts, so that perhaps someone might bring light to situation that I dont see. Please make your own trading decisions by your own research or seeking professional help. Other opinions or answers to any of these questions appreciated.

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      • Fishermn,

        I see your point on INSP likely to just buy more cheap stuff that might not do much for the shareholders - good point.

        Now, back to the question posed: Anyone care to comment on likelihood of MSFT buying/takining over INSP? Either to get some of it's people/tech base and/or keep a thumb down on Jain.

      • repricing on 8-20-02
        Maybe Jain believes shareholders are important, but retaining his best employees and luring the best and the brightest is more important in the LONG TERM for shareholders who are here for the long term. To that end, it is best to have the lowest price as of the date of repricing.
        Greencpu was moving along these lines...He may have something more to add

      • some companies could not be scaled to profitability. Infospace can take those technologies/companies and merge them with their offerings and present them to a much larger audience. Patience Grasshopper

    • GiantBear, Ecash, perhaps CycleLogic is next

    • Thanks again for your take Skith.

      Other's have any history/opinions/comments on the liklihood of a potential MSFT/INSP marriage (or takeover)?

      (signing off for now, hope to see some ideas on this later)

    • excite was basically a dead issue a paper thing, doubt any going concern would sell to them and work under jain. i would watch for a raid on there good people by msft who will be hiring 5k people in the next year, then make them an offer they would have to take, would fit in well with msn