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  • kg2931 kg2931 Dec 11, 2003 1:08 PM Flag

    INSP up $1.50today, it's about time!!!!

    I've been holding quite a lot of INSP since Yr2001 at $90.00 p share ($90,000.00 pre R/S).
    1) When's INSP's ship coming in?
    2) When's this great wireless business going to take off?
    3) When's INSP going to return to the street visibility & notoriety of previous G2NET?
    4) When's N. Jain going to get cornered and cough up the $247 million back to INSP & stockholders?

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    • Why you did not average down ? Got some at $80 pre-split too ...but now I am at 15.40 (post split ) in average ...

    • instead of telling her divorce lawyers/ she called cops-** Or actually call police- OFF TO Jail He goes and does not PASS GO... .. -- then comes the lawyer and court to boot.. your friend could of been out additional 2grand+ to boot he got lucky.}}}

      .. always wondered where those guys that end up getting into bar fight end up at.. a lot of them dont have the 500.bucks 10% to post bail.. {{ to make matters worse this 18year old.. I was talking about before... has to PURCHASE: Lawyer for Trial and get this.. he has to ATTEND 1 YEAR: 2,000 Bucks.. special demestic violence classes/ counseling .. SOUNDS AS BAD AS D.W.I. What a rip-off. .. the legal system has made a whole industry that feeds off crime- or actually you dont have to even really create a crime -- just be accused..

      JUST THINK: SUPPOSE D.W.I. Or even if you have 1 beer and a police officer writes a citation of SHOWING SIGNS OF INTOXICATION, A lot of people dont realize that the legal limit is REALLY NOOOT the legal limit.. It is left in the judgement of the police officer pulling you over to ticket you with say SHOWING SIGNS OF IMPAIRMENT~ Same EXACT EFFECTS As D.W.I on your INSURENCE PAYMENTS....
      - The court says and part of the setup - You have to go down and get a evaluation Contending if you are or not a alcoholic.. hahaa.. The one's who give you the evaluation are the same ones who profit from NOT GIVING YOU A GOOD EVALUATION.. ~~ HOW FUNNY.. Come and Ask me if you a ALCOHOLIC.. And pay me 100 bones.. and if I say YOU ALCOHOLIC.. PAY ME ADDITIONAL.. 1,000 -- **Not sure maybe more than 1,000** however you get the jest,,

      ** I SAY YOU ALCOHOLIC --NOW PAY UP SUCKER~~!!! Why wouldnt they not give you bad evaluation~~!!
      ..I'M sure lucky~~ my idea of Drinking And Driving is 2 Beers..hahahahha.. however I do hear the Horror stories. I have come to believe economics plays way to much into what was intended to be DONE FOR THE GOOD~~!!

    • Jeminy Christmas! And I thought this friend of mine going through a divorce got the shaft! Diromg the divorce, Ex-wife stuck him for all the bills, including several thousand of her personal ones which he wasn't obligated under the divorce papers to pay. Guess he lost his cool, pushed her by the shoulders up against the wall. She went ouch, ooooh, told her divorce lawyer, he files simple assault. Next thing him & his divorce lawyer's in Redmond NE's finest district court defending him on that! Guess he should be grateful no cops were called to the house that day, geezzzzzzzzzzzz!

    • YA RIGHT~~! our legal system, ouch...~~!! tell you a quick one~~ this kid up street just resently had a argument with his girlfriend~~ anyways the girl got scarred called the police they showed up to his house here in bellevue~~ this 18 year old had a clean record,, now the police/P showed up pair of them.. .. apparently he pushed his girlfriend and this is now 3rd. degree assault, don't get me wrong it is not good to push.. .. however dumbfounds me that our legal system would not sit down and find out both sides first weigh things out and go forward.. .. {{ I was watching.. they showed up to the door.. first one of the police went around the back of the house with flashlight looking in the windows.. Then returned to the front of the house.. KNOCKED ON DOOR-- When the 18 YEAR OLD came to door-- he answered the police started to make move to go though the door after the 18yr.old directed them not to go into the house.. handcuffed him/ then one police outside the other proceeded into the house.. THIS APPEARED TO ME-- OUTRIGHT UNRESPECTFUL~~ They need strictly outlines regarding there actions and need in many cases show the public much more respect~ I talked to him apparently he had to post a 5000 dollar bail.. all that was needed was a 500. dollar bail 10% I guess if you just pay the 10%it is none-refundable.. .. I just cant believe the Huge deal they made out of this~~! but I guess this is BELLEVUE.. however we need a few more jaywalkers to keep them busy..

    • Thank you for clarifying. I'll try it two days before. (my wife's scheduled for surgery that time that day, may I have an afternoon appt?, ha!)

      Don't get me started on tickets and the auto ins industry. I better stop here or this might turn into a new web site before we're done.

    • yes correct~~ however subpen. the officer-- our government system lacks in being efficient. ~~ I a few years back passed someone in the car pool lane.. ticket cost me in insurence rates additional 300 dollars over 3 years.. I fail to see how this would prove me a higher risk for traffic-accident.. I vouch for the fact over the life of driving the last 15 years .. I HAVE 000000 ACCIDENTS And yet the courts and system can still treat you as a high risk~~ I have friends that have spotless records and 2-3 accidents in same time frame and yet they are considered lower liability.

    • Yeah, but let me make sure I got it right. The lawyer's rescheduling the time of day on the original court date, right?

      I reside here on eastside as well and have a lovely seat belt ticket ($100 +) court date soon.

    • OF Course this is INFOSPACE BOARD-- Not how to beat your traffic ticket.. hahaha..

      HOWEVER Lets relate the topic to ,,, MORE MONEY SAVED~~ ** TO BUY INFOSPACE STOCK ** Hahaha..

    • When's N. Jain going to get cornered and cough up the $247 million back to INSP & stockholders? HAAAHAHAHAA.. That is not how the U.S. works.. this will be in courts for years.. .... .. after-all only in the US.. COULD A CRIMINAL Holding a Wooden gun going into a bank and holding it up spend -- 15 years behind bars,,, while the white collar criminal stealing MILLIONS Gets 000.000 or at best a 18 month stay at country-club style half-way house.. BACK TO SHAREHOLDERS-- You think that money will get your shares back to 80 dollars..