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  • kg2931 kg2931 Nov 2, 2000 10:27 PM Flag

    INSP today's PE per Yahoo: "1146.88"

    it appears my PE questions/concern has caused a
    small war on this board. You have helped me put the PE
    on INSP in better perspective. I'm excited about
    buying this stock and will no doubt buy in the morning
    depending on what the market does between now & then.

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    • Kg2931- Good luck to you my friend.---You will do
      good with insp.---You see it is a game that is played
      in the markets.---April 15 is tax day and all the
      institutions will sell their stock and go short before
      than.--That is why stocks are down for the summer
      months.---Than they will buy now and go long until next March
      and than will sell again...

    • No apology necessary. That is what boards are
      for. Not the bashing bs you see here. Your question on
      all those companies you listed can be answered with
      the same answer - future and small denominator. Can't
      use p/e's when earnings are 2 cents. Like Mjasin
      said, this p/e will be coming down to the range of
      other tech leaders in a few years. But that is only
      because the earnings will be flying up along with the