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  • gcfats gcfats May 11, 2002 6:59 PM Flag

    See Ya at $9+ This Week...

    As NTAP, AMAT & BRCD show good numbers w/sequential growth going forward. I think this is an easy double from here in the next 12 months...

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    • Not likely, more like 90% chance it will be under $7 sometime this week. Take a look at the chart, the market, the company right now. It is much more likely it will continue on its down trend. Why are you people trying to GUESS the bottom? Do you realize the risk? If you don't know what you are doing there are alot of good books out there with the very basics of trading "rules". Sure, once in a while you will get lucky and get a bounce. But more likely you will lose your cash. Think about the people that bought at $10 thinking it was the bottom, or $9, or $8. I don't see many of them on this board any more. They lost money and moved on. (They came here first to post STRONG BUY just like you people are). Hoping, praying and guessing are a sure way to lose your money. But why should any of you listen? Those before you didn't. As always just my opinion based on logical thinking. Good luck.

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      • My basis for the $9 call is based on good numbers out of several main stream techs this week: AMAT, BRCD, NTAP. That, & the fact the Naz is grossly oversold & everyone's saying avoid tech. When everyone was saying buy tech in early 2000 it was obviously time to bail. Now that eceryone is saying avoid it, I'm buying some mainstream co's w/respectable balance sheets that I expect to survive the next 5-10+ years: DELL, CSCO, MSFT, INTC & EMC. Got fairly tight stops in case I hopped on to early. Small losses are acceptable, large ones aren't. Good luck everyone...

      • Hard to argue. I played EMC long twice, made money once and got burned the second. The low debt and cash holdings make it appealing that it has limited downside but it's limited part that seems more and more likely. This isn't a screaming buy in my eyes until it hits the high 5's again.

      • What fundamentals do you use to base this judgement? What do you know that tell you hwen the bottom is that no one else knows. This is a message board and would not hurt you to pass on this knowledge that you have. Where is the bottom? Pick a number and lets see what happens

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