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  • ronald512001 ronald512001 May 14, 2002 10:11 AM Flag

    Hitachi Down - EMC Up

    Hitachi is supposed to exceed EMC - No Way.

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    • I remember a press release last year. It took some looking but I found this quote from EBAY on the SUN site. The machines were Storedge 9900's.
      "In June 1999, we supported between three to four million searches a day. Today, we manage about 18 million searches a day. The new system is better suited to drive availability of our base platform and support long-term scalability, so we continue to handle the growth. In the process, we have matured the organization to operate in a robust fashion while also driving costs down. For instance, we have lowered our operating costs as a percent of revenue by two percent over the past couple of quarters, which is pretty big."
      Maynard Webb

    • so what? EMC has good products.

      The stock is still overvalued by a ridiculous amount.

    • Thanks for your insight, when did they lose EBAY, I thought this was their one claim to fame haveing the best system?

    • And E-Bay threw out EMC when a huge failure shut them down for 40 hours. Big, big account. All my associates are in the storage business and more and more they are turning away from EMC and going with Sun's solutions. That's why market share is down. Sure they're the leaders, but for how long? I know we'll make money on the stock buying at this level, but it will never be the same. I really think that EMC will be aquired by some other company, partly because of the cash on hand. Remeber, the buyer gets the cash, too. We'll make money then...

    • A business aquaintenace works for Burlington Northern santa Fe in IT and they have always been delighted about EMC equipment, tech support, and sales staff. BNSF Spends millions on technology.

    • Last year Hitachi was 14% the size of EMC. This year they're 74% EMC size in revenue. I'd say "no way" is an extreme statement. When will EMC have new machines to match the Sun, Hitachi, HP offerings? It's getting harder to convince management to not consider these others. EMC technology is getting very old....

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      • If you read today's Business Wire it doesn't appear EMC is "old". EMC is still leading in NAS storage devices. Plus EMC is transitioning into software for other company's storage equipment and they expect big revenue growth. Also, I work in Manhattan, several business associates informed me EMC equipment survived the World Trade Center disaster - the only ones (these are company's near the site). Doesn't sound like bad equipment to me.

    • Wouldn't you rather have 1000 share of Hitachi at the moment?

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