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  • theone906 theone906 Oct 8, 2002 5:48 PM Flag


    Skull and Bones met and discussed War. War breeds economic upturn. There are always wars to be fought.

    Bush gave CIA green light...look for Iraqi invasion after New Years.

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    • You dumb assholes haven't given one thought to the possible negative consequences of invading IRAQ have you?

      Nope! Just like you didn't give any thought to any of the economic reports we've been seeing for the last 2 years, and you held on to your EMC stock and now look what you have. Nuttin honey!

      What if Saddam has nerve gas or some other horror? What if it's already here in the US just waiting for us to attack before they release it in a major city, or multiple major cities? What if that kills 50,000 or 100,000 Americans? So we nuke him and that starts WWIII. Russia and China see their chance and invade the Middle East (Army of 200,000,000 ring a bell?).

      I know this will be hard, but just do a little thinking before you go wishing for war. Study a little history then compare the US with the Roman Empire or any great western empire. The similarities may surprise you.

      The Arab countries are very reminiscent of medieval Europe, especially England during the Tutor period. Henry 8th built 50 palaces just like Saddam and started the whole King as God on Earth, etc.

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      • Russia doesn't have the money nor the citizen support. Know YOUR history. It took a civil war in the early 1900's between the reds and the whites, remember Lenin? How about Stalin?

        Russian enemies have traditionally been Germanic and Polish. Russia had its Vietnam.

        Germany, on the otherhand is a country to be cautious of at this time.

      • Oh Great so you would like to live under Sadam's rule - just get on a plane ASAP and go to IRAQ.
        If you cannot see the writing on the wall that he wants to use this stuff then you are an empty head.

        Thank God Clinton is out and Gore lost.

        Firing missles at our planes is an ACT OF WAR and we should be going after them now and waiting for the Ted Kennedy's of the Senate to go on with their giberish.

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