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  • PTWtanks PTWtanks Oct 8, 2002 5:53 PM Flag


    No. We are going to blow the crap out of the towel heads and with a little luck and a lot of skill keep our casualities lower than before.

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    • Take their oil!!!
      Kill them all!!!

      Give all your money to Israel and let them be our masters! The Jews the master race!!!

    • We are of the opinion that we should not do anything at this time. We should wait for them to do something first. Then, we nuke them. ALL of them.

      And we don't need to announce it to the world. They wouldnt be able to "prove" where it came from anyway. That goes for a lot of other countries out there. Why do we have to announce to the world when we want to blow someone up? They didnt when they did it to us, and that was smart. Now the other towel heads sit around and say "Prove that it was 19 Saudi nationals." We should just do it, and let them figure it out. And fuck rebuilding them!!! Let them eat sand.

      What gets us about most muslims is that to them anyone professing to be a muslim cannot be a suspect in anything bad. At least the christians dont protect the klan anymore. But these supposedly moderate muslims still defend any muslim we want to look into. Its a shame. Its not like we didnt fight on behalf of muslims ( bad idea, what did we get for it ) in Kosovo, against the eastern orthodox Serbs.

      Muslims are the spawn of satan, legion knows this to be a fact.

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