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  • toni19601 toni19601 Jan 25, 2006 12:01 PM Flag

    RBC upgrade,,,,,

    the whole way to 16,,,wow,,,go out on a f ing limb !! i ve been waiting since may 05 just to get back to where i bought it ! this thing just plain ol' sits,,,doesnt go up , doesnt go down , doesnt pay a div. what a great stock.
    good luck , cant wait to get out.

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    • Many months ago, if you're the one I think you are, I thought something you said indicated you might be Richbren or ThinkBigger. I now see I made the mistake of saying it out loud.

      Please accept my sincerest apologies.

      Excellant post. Wish I'd have said it.
      I too hope they get to cash those millions in options.

    • you just substantiated my opinion. wall street hasn't embraced hi tech and especialy emc. I for one think tucci has done well. JMHO., but there are many on this board who want him out. so the BOD fires tucci and hires hurd. where do you think the stock price goes. I say up, but why? market pyschology or perception! who knows. have nice day!

    • I agree with your post. Many on this board want to keep blaming Tucci. He doesn't control stock price. The company is doing well;but wall street is just starting to embrace Hi tech stocks after the big bubble burst of 4-5 years ago.

    • Well said.

    • a stock is worth what it is selling at this more no less.the stock market is very efficient.If more people think it is undervalued than think it is overvalued it can do nothing but go up.That obviously is not the case with this stock.Some out there think the market maker is holding it down.How can he possibly do that?Is he selling stock he does not own just to keep the price down.Why?It does not occur.Some out there think tucci is the problem? He or any ceo does not control the price of the stock.He only controls the performance of the company and from where I sit he seems to be doing his part take this company from a one trick pony into a more diversified enterprise with high growth opportunities like VMware.Another issue is options.I dont like all the options handed out but seems to be way business is done to retain valued employees and seems to be less a factor than at many other companies.On the surface seems NTAP issues a lot more options and they seem to be doing OK.The dec 5 options to top key employees will only be handed out if certain performance is met.LETS HOPE THEY GET THEIR OPTIONS.

    • What would make you think firng Tucci would take the stock to the 20s?

      A quick look at the p/e's reminds me EMC had an additional .04 of non-recurring income and an .11 charge also non-recurring.
      HPQ obviously has had unusual charges against it's last two quarters too. Forgot why.

      A look at EMC's estimate of .66 for this year and HPQ's 1.83 in which those non-recurring charges are not assumed might make a better comparison. EMC's would be 20.65, HPQ 17.10.
      Realizing HPQ's price is up 50% you can imagine how far its ratios have expanded since Hurd.

      Which further points out the replacement of Tucci wouldn't have the advantage of being able to make the same kind of retracement HPQ has been able to make because EMC is already up and not down.

      I am not of the opinion wall street doesn't want to admit EMC firing on all cylinders. After all it is giving it a multiple of 20.65 against this year's estimated earnings.
      That's not exactly cheap or unloved.

    • according to yahoo, hp's p/e is 37.97, emc's is 29.25. Tucci took emc from revs of 5.5+- to 9.2. if firing joe tucci takes the stock to the 20s, then do it. Wall street doesn't want to admit that emc is firing on all 8s, and thus reward it for what it's accomplishing. how much more do want from a company? fiariness is not a word found on wall street.

    • When Hurd took over HPQ it's PE was 16. EMC's 30. Replacing Tucci probably wouldn't have the same effect. Plenty of room for PE expansion from 16 with a change in the perception of it's management from negative to positive. Can't expect same from 30. Probably also hard to find any who think EMC's management headed in wrong direction.
      A change in leadership could cause a decline in price until street could see whether replacement was even as good as Tucci.

    • Something like this


    • AAAAAH. Sam Wainwright. Heard talk of him. Don't recall his work. Before my time here.

      Why don't you list the most recently used as well as most famous nearer the top?
      Would make it much easier for your many satisfied customers.

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