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  • zeltxe zeltxe Jul 28, 2006 8:16 PM Flag

    simpy11 is a complete & total Fokkup

    Look at this fuckups post:

    "So many experts, so little money",

    then goes on to make assumptions and say that every yahoo poster makes "so little money" compared to simpy.

    Fuck you, simpy. You are a total prick asshole.

    Noone can prove anything, either how much or how little money they make, on a yahoo message board, you idiot.

    Yet you brag on a meaningless board daily, you buffoon.

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    • they use foul and vile language. this is a sign of immaturity, frustration and anger.

      sincere advice. instead of attacking posters, spend more time paying attention to your own trading activity. this can be a much more useful way of spending your time.

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      • The way I look at this company is simple. They missed the quarter during the highest stock buy back in company history ($3 Billion plus) this year. As a result, they will back back over 100 million shares in each of the next two quarters. This is up from about 75 million last quarter and even less the previous quarter. Two quarters ago, on the conference call, they extimated the buy back at $15. Last quarter was about $12.74. This quarter, I bet it is less than $10 (Huge volume 90 million shares at $9.50 after earning release.)
        My point.... An extra $1 Billion in stock has been bought. The shares will be down from a high of 2.4 Billion to about 2.1 Billion. This stock is poised for a MAJOR recovery next quarter. The company lowered guidance. I bet they beat top and bottom line. We shall see. I just placed the company on STOCK WATCH. In my opinon, this company is a steal. They could spin off VMware for Billions.

    • Does posting like that makes you feel all "MACHO?"

      I bet it does!!!

      I can post about my success in investing in EMC, just as you can post about your unsuccessful investing in not only EMC but possible in the majority of yout portfolio.

      I bet you are real successful in life as well using the language you do!

      Actually I don't care what you think of me as I don't have to work with people such as you.

      LMAO< LMAO

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