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  • hosedraggers hosedraggers Dec 21, 2007 2:15 PM Flag

    Cant we al just get along?

    Thank you for the nice reply. I agree that earnings will be great, and we should see a nice pop in January. Just like to hear from others what they think, without getting hammered.

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    • Well lets put it this way .
      From day 1 since I started posting here I have been called every name in the book, and even some that are not in the book. They don't like me because I am POSITIVE on EMC, they don't like me because I made a ton of money on EMC. The list can go on and on! The people whom I have respect for are ones that add something to the BOARD, while there are many that may disagree with my views, some tend to take it to a personel level as opposed to just disagreeing with me. When I answer the personel attacks, the ones that originally attacked get all upset. That's why the LMAO, LMAO came about. The ones who get all angry are usually the worse offenders. But you see calling me names or my family names have no effect on me as it changes absolutely nothing, calling me a liar changes nothing and BTW calling me a pumper also changes nothing. All I have said is there are ways to make considerable money owning EMC, and I am not the only one on this board that is doing it.
      There are many ways to contribute to a message board, besides this is a POS. When something is negative and someone posts that information all we ask for is a link, or if it is a personel opinion then state it as such. If I disagree I will ask for a link or consider the source, and may very well respond with the same kind of statement as they posted, but maybe a little less profane as there are some words I don't use.
      But that's me, keep in mind they are concerned when I don't post, when I do post , the number of times I post, If I post on another board, if I don't post on another board. Then we have the poser's who at first glance appear to be me but are not. Seems like I am a definite threat to some. But let them go, I am not one to sit around and worry about wheather you think I am the right poster or not. My life is a lot more complex then to sit around and worry if you read the author correctly.....if you did its your issue, not mine.

      Have a wonderful holiday!

    • I do agree 80-85% of the posters on this board seem to
      be negative, anybody that hasn't averaged down and made money on this stock should put their cash in CD's and forget it.

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