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  • hosedraggers hosedraggers Feb 9, 2008 11:07 AM Flag

    Explain something to me???

    You guys are talking about shares of VMW. We are not going to get shares of VMW are we? I have never heard that. I do understand that Feb. 15th something can and I guess will hapen with VMW stock. Can someone explain to me exactly what that is, and how does that effect those who have EMC shares? Thank you in advance for helping me out here..........

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    • There will be NO shares given to EMC stockholders of record!
      Those who expect the expiration of the lockup period will bring a distribution of VMW shares to EMC stockholders are living in a Fantasy or are trying to mislead the uneducated EMC stockholders on purpose.
      Below is what will happen on Expiration of the lock up time period.

      VMware's Last Hurdle: IPO Lock-Up Expiration (VMW, EMC, INTC, CSCO)
      VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) has already taken its hit from the earnings expectations getting high enough that the stock just couldn't hold up to expectations after a monumental IPO. There is always a key event that comes 6-months after an IPO, and that is the employee and insider lock-up period. Once that day hits the insiders and employees of the company can finally unload their stock. They cannot unload all of it, but you just about always see insider selling on that date and shortly after.
      Here is the language from the S-1:

      ******************* This is very importent and applies to VMW employees. ***************
      "In addition, we have agreed with the underwriters that we will require, as a condition to participating in the exchange offer, participating employees who receive options to purchase our Class A common stock and restricted stock awards of our Class A common stock in the exchange to agree to the foregoing lock-up restrictions, subject to certain exceptions, for a period of 180 days from the date of this prospectus."

      We contacted a representative of the company and have confirmed this data, although we would note the possibility at least exists of extensions. The 180 day lock-up period would put Saturday, February 9, 2008 as the date. That puts the lock-up date on Monday, February 11, 2008 as the date insiders and employees can finally unload a portion of their stock. If you read below there does appear that there were clauses that could extend the lock-up date, although after a 100% gain even after the huge pullback it is hard to imagine that underwriters would not honor the original lock-up period dates.
      Frankly, we are surprised that the underwriters didn't allow an early expiration for at least some of the shares in the lock up period. We'd also note that as of last look, the short interest in VMware was more than 19 million shares, which is huge when you consider the total IPO (plus overallotment) was only 37.95 million shares.
      What you can take to the bank is that many employees will be taking some of their money to the bank. These are mostly former EMC employees that transferred their EMC stock options into VMware options, and despite the huge sell-off after earnings many of these employee stock options are up well over 100%. It still appears that some shares and options didn't get converted into VMware shares for some reason. We'd also note that certain shares held (but apparently not all) by Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) will be unlocking; and depending on the limits, even some of the majority holdings held by EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) will be available. The company has said in the recent past that it wants to hold shares rather than sale, but we have noted how we and others have predicted that EMC will look to begin divesting this either late in 2008 or at some point next year.
      These option conversion and share sales will be staggered as most company plans have restrictions on how much can be sold at any given time, so do not expect a sudden and massive five-fold increase in the public float. Conversely, the public float is about to get much larger. Please see below on the actual number of shares that can be available. These numbers may have changed and there are restrictions on certain numbers here. Below is the data on certain "shares eligible for future sale":



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      • "Once that day hits the insiders and employees of the company can finally unload their stock."

        If you have followed the price actionof VMW over the last few days two things to note:

        1. Volume has been extremely light
        2. There appears to be a buyer around the 60-61 level taking in all the imagine that the buyer is hoping for any shares that would be sold due to the unlocking of shares.

        If I am correct than the shares actually might be getting into stronger hands.

    • Not much activity this morning huh!!! If there is anyone out here which knows what is going to happen, please educate me.......

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