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  • tarkio1 tarkio1 Apr 28, 2008 7:33 PM Flag

    People are clueless about the value of EMC- EMC~S position in VPM

    Wall street believes EMC`s storage business is going into the tank because of the meltdown in the financials?

    this company could not be more mis-understood by wall street.

    The street is clues about the internet- How will google sustaain it`s growth rate without EMC- where are they going to store all of that stuff!

    How will 3g and 4 g phoes work without storage.

    EMC stake in VPW!!- the street certainly isn`t putting a correct valuation on that- they act like that is worthless to EMC

    Social networking sites.

    Att~S comments about spending 19 billion on infrastructure- gee you mean EMC isn`t going to get any of that.

    Att`s comment about the internet choking on video- the street doesn`t have a clue nor do investors and the average public.

    msft- synch is in cars- what happens when every car has an internet connection

    the growth of the mobile connection to the internet!

    oh well no one is listening anyway-

    i guess they are all playing grand theft auto
    multiplayer internet gaming

    the grid- things like the FOLD and SETI projects.

    EMC is in the center of all of it

    the differnce between genius and stupidity- genius has limits

    and the price of EMC~S stock proves it

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