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  • meeefuku meeefuku Jun 9, 2008 8:22 PM Flag

    Cramer says tech. selloff has just begun.

    Someone asked about EMC and he said don't buy it(in other words dump it). He's been very disappointed with EMC in his trust and he sold his.

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    • Ya, I remember him saying he sold his shares of EMC a couple of weeks ago. Must have been when CSCO rumor was being floated around, maybe it was his buddies floating the rumor so he could dump out. Good move, also a great time to short this POS.

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      • Here you go as of last Friday and he had no sells today:

        EMC (EMC:NYSE, $17.12, 13,500 shares, 6.46%): The stock was flat this week, which on a relative basis was positive. I still like the stock, and the fundamentals remain strong. My only hangup is it is 6.4% of the fund. I need to trim some back, and if there is any strength in the shares, I will take money off the table. I still like the story, and fundamentals appear to be better appreciated by the investment community. The stock has shown signs of life on better fundamentals and take-out speculation. I don't know if Cisco (CSCO:Nasdaq) will buy it, but I am comfortable with the fundamental picture and will keep this a core holding, despite trimming shares in to strength. I liked what the CEO had to say a few weeks ago about IT spending and the business environment. And I still feel that this company is misunderstood as just a storage play. I believe storage is the growth driver to the company, but the company has other businesses that are helping to add to growth. As a matter of fact, 20% of its other business lines are poised to grow at more than 25% over the coming years. New product upgrades coming in the back half will help the stock; the valuation is cheap, and the company's interest in VMWare is worth $5 a share. It also has $2 a share in cash. All good things; just want to make sure I am disciplined and scale back when the positions become too big.

        Those are Cramer's views on the stock as of last Friday. Do your DD before you talk about stuff you know nothing about. You are parrots and I look forward to you actually selling, leaving and then losing your asses for dumping against his recomendations.


      • Guess Cramer got tired of EMC too, most eventually do. He probably bought the banks which are tanking. Surprised he bought this crap in the first place.

        Although he did say to sell the latest strength in tech.. He was right about that. Must have been when he sold his EMC.

      • Wrong again. He is still holding and I get his E-Mails every day for all of his moves in his portfolio. It is rated as a 2 right now. You are now also a lying sack of Monkey Sht too.

    • I subscribe to Action Alerts and Cramer hasn't sold his shares you lying sack of monkey sht!

    • You just gave us a BUY signal. Cramer is great that way !!!! Love him!!!!

    • Really...I am glad Cramer said that and sold this stock..

      EMC will now move upward only...

      Stock always goes opposite what Cramer..predicted... will be $17.50 tomorrow..

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