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  • billsilva45 billsilva45 May 15, 2013 12:13 AM Flag

    The simple fact is

    nobody has to trash EMC. The PPS does it all by itself.
    They tried to save money by letting go of all the higher
    price engineers and manages and now they suffer. The
    atmosphere there is bad.
    My wife went to a newer company that had their stock IPO
    since she has been there and the stock has gone from
    $18 to over $40 in a little over a year.
    Lets see. EMC went from $26 to $23. I think they should be changing
    out the CEO and board and not the people who actually do the work.

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    • this is what Staples did, let go the best people. Hasn't worked for them either.

    • Being originally from the Foxborough area up to 2 yeas ago, I also have some insight into the workings of EMC and I have some friends that work there. Most but not all paint a different picture about EMC and it's future. The idea that a change in management and BOD will change EMC or the the PPS is a weak one as it was under Mr. Tucci leadership that has brought EMC back from the edge of complete failure. The fact that they are the number one company in their marketplace and continue to increase their market-share says a lot about the company. Many of those that scream about the company are of the same 20% who were fired or laid off who wanted to receive a paycheck and not work for it. EMC is a very hard nosed / demanding company and they expect you to work for the paycheck. Everyone can have their own ideas about how EMC operates. Everyone can have their own ideas about success or failure, and everyone can have examples as to why. The world of howard is an example of a failure to meet the demanding standards required by EMC and was FIRED. Its tough to be bitter all these years, but at least this board gives him a measure of satisfaction. Frankly, I wonder if anyone really cares what he thinks...Well maybe Francis his wife does.


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      • Yeah it is all the laid off workers that are here complaining. What a moron!
        A company stock can drop for any number of reasons, but when it is in the
        toilet this long it isn't a glitch. It says the street has no faith in the company or
        present management. I don't care how big the are. As Silva said. They grew by buying
        other companies. They have not grown internally.

      • For over a year now EMC has under performed the market. It has really
        under performed the tech stocks. Stock prices reflect the future. This company
        has grown buying up other companies. Problem is they don' t seem to know how to
        grow them after the buy them. They think cutting the the more expensive engineers
        would make the earning look like they are growing. Obviously they have been very
        wrong. Maybe they should try keeping the more experienced engineers and they
        would come out with better products.
        Sitting a dollar off its 52 week low in a raging bull market is all that needs to be said.
        No amount of bashing or pumping is going to change the PPS. It is the streets perception
        of the company and its future that determines the PPS. Looks like the verdict is in
        and it doesn't look good.

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