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  • stockpicker2 stockpicker2 May 27, 1998 11:12 PM Flag


    emc dipped to 40.25 my open order was at 40. oh
    well there is always tommorrow. Lets hope the market
    goes higher but if it is weak and emc dips to 40 I
    will own a thousand shares and hope for a rebound
    agian. I really think the bull market is still running
    but it will have dips and will be volitile too much
    money wants in this market all those baby boomers
    pouring in money and foriegn money is pouring in too. But
    it won't be a smooth ride

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    • We can't all guess where the bottom will go on
      one day. If we did we would not be taking to each
      other on this board. So rather talking to oneself and
      mumble that I missed it (as I did also), let's look at
      the over seas markets for today (before New York
      opens). Japan is up, Russia is up 8%, the Western
      European nations are up - so the DOW will rebound up
      today. My guess EMC will hit 44 today. We now know were
      the safty net is for EMC and that's 40 1/2. I'm off
      this week, and had to go to the doctors and so I
      placed orders for a few hundred shares at 42 even at 1
      PM. I believe this is a day traders market (no
      brainer). Your correct, it is still a BULL market, analyst
      are still saying the dow will approche 10,000. Of
      course they said this after the close, they did not say
      this during the plunge after 2PM - they did not have
      the balls. They were as depressed as coud be - they
      all looked liked they need Prozac during the

      So expect today to hit 44, however with Russia to
      worry about now, in addition to the far east, we could,
      again, we could be down again on Friday.

      concered about the strength of the US dollar. That may
      provoke other countries to weaken, and their exports
      particularly Japan will take a hit possibly next

      Nevertheless, I believe we saw EMC hit its low for this
      quarter. It will probably tinker between 42 and 45 for a
      couple of weeks, then if the market moves up around
      9000, I see EMC pushing 45 to 47 in a month, then drop
      down again around 44 again. a week befor e the quarter
      closes you will see a drop. Then EMC will reach 50-52,
      if the market still stays in this sideward trend,
      which I believe it will. I don't see this as a bear

      Thats my say

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